May 18

Written by Bill Grandi on May 18th, 2021

In my journey though the NT, I cracked open Ephesians this morning. I know Ephesians is filled with good stuff since I have read through it countless times. But the prayer Paul prays in chapter 1 has always “hit” me- even more this morning. I think it might be because the elders of the church here made a commitment to pray for the people of OVCF.  So each morning (except for weekends) I pray for a certain group of people for a month. We are on our second way through the directory as I write.

Anyway, Paul prays for the Ephesians (verses 15-23). Broken down here is what he prays for:

  1. He thanks God continually for them.
  2. He prays for them to be given spiritual wisdom and insight so they might grow.
  3. He prays for their hearts to be flooded with light (enlightened) so they can understand the hope they have been given.
  4. He prays they will understand the greatness of God’s power. Jesus was raised from the dead and is seated at God’s right hand.
  5. (My summation): He prays they will understand God’s authority in all creation, especially His church.

Paul’s concern is more than “God bless them today” or “God be with them.” To run the race and finish well we have to go deeper.  And Paul challenges me to pray that way for others.

Why not join me in praying “deeper” for people.

“Father, may I see Paul’s guidance in prayer. May I pray more ‘meaty’ prayers for the people I pray for. May their faith-and mine- grow as they are prayed for.”


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  1. Great post, Bill! Yes! Me, too, LORD.

  2. Ryan S. says:

    I am definitely not as consistent as I need to be in regards to setting aside time for prayer. I have made it a challenge to pray for the pastors we have been involved with and the churches we have attended through the years. The pastors have changed in some and there is at least one I know is not meeting together as a congregation any longer. That said, I do pray God hears my prayers and that the congregations and pastors are positively impacted even if just slightly.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I know he hears your prayers Ryan. And i am grateful, extremely grateful, that you are praying for me.

  3. Yes, Lord, make my prayers for others be “meatier,” too. Great reflection, Bill, and thanks for your prayers!