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March 5

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

When I was a youngster, I was like most kids, at least boys. I loved the section about dinosaurs. I’m not interested in discussing when they were here; how old the earth is; how long they were here, etc. I’ll leave that up to the folks who have letters after their names.

No, I like dinosaurs. Not Dino or the Flintstones. Real dinosaurs.  Like the T-Rex (my personal favorite). The Stegosaurus.  The Brontosaurus. The Pterodactyl.  Seems like an interesting time to live.  Yikes!

What I don’t like is feeling like a dinosaur! 🙂 I’ve tried to stay healthy. Current. Laughing my way through my age. But this past Sunday I felt like a dinosaur. During my introduction to my sermon I talked about how things come around. Shag haircuts are coming back. Parachute pants.  Leotards (old-fashioned leggings) & leg warmers.  Big hair. The older folks got it. The young ones stared.

Age is a curious thing. Say what you will; joke all you want; animate old age to make people laugh, but there is one thing that comes with age (or should) that I would not take back or give away: wisdom.  Hear Psalm 90:12- “Teach us the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” (NLT).  I like that verse.  I like the way the NLT puts it.  Seems senseless to get older and not wiser.  I want to be a wise dinosaur.

“Father, help me to pursue wisdom. As I age, may wisdom be another one of those gray hairs that keeps getting more prominent.”

January 29

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

My title for this devotion is Acceptance vs. Rejection.

Just to get this out of the way early: I am 67 years old (b. 10/1952) and am not ashamed of that. Do I wish I was younger? Sure. Do I wish I could talk to my younger self and give him advice? Most definitely. Do I begrudge getting older? Yeah…sort of. Do I see myself as done, part of the over-the-hill-find-a-chair-to-sit-in gang? No.

Several things have brought my thoughts to this topic today besides the obvious physical discomfort (knees, back, neck, etc) brought on by “arthur’s residency.”

  • I read an article yesterday on church trends for 2020 and one point was about active, growing and alive churches are being led by younger men (<50 y/o).  Many churches fail to grow and stay active because the aging senior pastor fails to recognize his ineffectiveness. So I asked, “Is that me?”
  • I started reading a book of daily thoughts entitled A Good Old Age by Derek Prime. It’s an A to Z of loving and following the Lord Jesus in later years. (In fairness I started this last year but failed to finish it so I thought I would start over again and read one a day).

I struggle with aging-not because I dread old age or because I need to retire but can’t- but because I feel I still have much to give.  I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant. I’m certainly not a “I know all things because I have been a pastor for over 45 years” kind of guy. Sure, I’ve been around the block a time or two; made my extra share of mistakes; caused heartache; opened my mouth and inserted foot more than I want to admit; and made life h*** for some.  But I also know I’ve helped many; loved many; been a good husband and father and now a grandfather; been faithful to the Word in my preaching; loyal to my friends; tried to take care of myself physically (I think all surgeries have been cycling related) 🙂 ; and followed Jesus. I also know I still have energy and still feel I have much to offer the church.

I’m also aware the clock is ticking. No one lives forever (unless you count heaven/hell). But Derek reminded me of three truths I need to remind myself:

  1. The amazing forgiveness that is ours in Christ Jesus.
  2. The glorious truth of God’s Fatherhood and His promises to His children.
  3. The wonderful hope of heaven.

Great reminders! For. all. ages!!! Sure, as one ages he becomes more aware of his mortality, but those are good for everyone of every age to remember. If we do, we won’t have to tell our younger self anything.

“Father, You have made me, me. You have granted me 67 years on this earth so far. How many are left only You know. And I’m content with that. But it is not time to roll over and give up. Challenge me to keep growing. Keep reminding me of those three truths.”