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August 23

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023

Today is an interesting day. I have some things planned that will make for a busy day But it is also a day of nostalgia.

First, it is my youngest daughter’s birthday. I won’t tell you how old she is because that would give you a hint of how old I am. 🙂 (For the record: 70).  I also will NOT give her age since I was always taught you never ask or volunteer a woman’s age. She doesn’t read this so I could say anything I wanted and she would never know! However, I won’t do that because you all would be like, “Oh man, cut the syrupy, ‘I’m-so-proud-of-her’ stuff.” I mean, just because she has survived and is a great mom to my favorite grandson and that I am so proud of the lady she has become, why should you have to weave through all of that? Right? Happy Birthday to my #2 daughter (in age since I love them both equally).

Second, Jo and I attended the second funeral visitation in a week. This time it was probably the first friend Jo had (and they remained that for 13 years) when we moved to Terre Haute until we moved away in 2000. However, when we were able to see them, it was like we were never gone for the two ladies. Myrna was a godly woman whose love for God, her husband, two children and multiple grandchildren never waned. Even after Alzheimer’s hit her 3 years ago. We stood in line for close to 2 1/2 hours to see Randy, Ryan, and Cassidy (Janna’s first best friend in TH).

Pastor Greg Laurie wrote in his devotion book, Everyday with Jesus, about the word “depart” found in Philippians 1:23. The Apostle Paul wrote, “My desire is to depart and be with Jesus, for that is far better.” The word depart has some interesting pictures.

  • One it means “to strike the tent” or “to break camp.”  It’s like wilderness camping (which I have never done) and you can’t wait to get a shower. 🙂  (Now you know why I have never camped that way. MacGyver I’m not).
  • Two, a prisoner being released from chains. Myrna is no longer chained to a failing body or mind.
  • Three, it was used to used to describe untying a boat from its moorings prior to setting sail.

I don’t need to apply those. You can do that. Heaven is better by far. Those words lead to that conclusion.

An interesting day of nostalgia for sure. The high of a daughter’s birthday. The sense of loss but the “high” of a friend’s homegoing and release from this body of death.  That is better by far.