God’s Timing

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February 6

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

Have you ever heard of Judson Van Deventer? Neither had I. Or so I thought. It was not until I read -as Paul Harvey used to say, “The rest of the story”-that I knew more about him than I thought.

Born on a farm, JVD learned to paint, studied art, and became an art teacher. God, however, had different plans for him. Encouraged by his friends, Judson also felt called to evangelism. But it was hard for him to give up teaching art. He finally made his decision.

Following God is not always (like hardly ever) easy. Sometimes we are challenged to make tough choices. Our comfortable, sedentary life is uprooted. Even though we make the choice to follow Jesus and His call, there may still be moments of doubt and even anxiety.

Judson heeded God’s call. Later he went back to teaching. His decision to surrender even led to a song you may heard or sung: “All to Jesus I surrender/All to Him I freely give/I will ever love and trust Him/In His presence daily live/I surrender all, I surrender all/All to Thee my blessed Savior/I surrender all.”

Oh…and one more thing: remember when I said that Judson eventually went back into teaching? One of his students was a young man who name was…wait for it…Billy Graham.

I was speaking with someone yesterday about God’s plan for our life. About how His surprises are endless. And how His timing is impeccable. We never know…only He does.

{My thanks to Our Daily Bread for the story of JVD. The filler is mine}

October 12

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

If I was to give this devotion a title, I’m thinking God’s Impeccable Timing would be a good one.

I/we often hear or read of people who are recipients of something at “just the right time.” God came through in the nick of time.  I, personally, have seen God do that. One time our family made it home from a week at a Christian camp on 1/2 tank of gas. The drive was close to 3-4 hours. Unexpected expenses hit us and I prayed desperately. (This was before I used a credit card which I no longer do). The gas gauge never moved. But there was still the matter of food to eat when we got home. In the mailbox was a check for $100. This was July. It was from a speaking engagement in December where the pastor found out I had not been paid for speaking.

Yeah…God’s timing.

I could tell you more stories. So could Peter and C0rnelius in Acts 10. Peter had to be the most amazed though. Cornelius simply did what he was told to do. It was Peter who was experiencing God’s perfect work and God’s impeccable timing. I’d like to ask you to read Acts 10 for the full story. Pay particular attention to verses 1-23. (The rest of the story is great as well). I like what verse 9 says. And after reading that, please pay attention to verses 19-20.

God’s impeccable timing. Cornelius was sending men as he is told by God to do. As they approach where Peter is staying, he is on the roof having an encounter with a sheet filled with unclean food.  God was preparing Peter for his meet and greet with Cornelius’ men. That is called God’s impeccable timing.

He works in my life and your life the same way. One of the hardest things to do is “wait.” But when we keep in mind God has impeccable timing, it is in our best spiritual interest to wait.

Someone has said, “God is seldom early, but He is never late.”

You can put a nail through that promise.

And by the way: did I happen to say God has impeccable timing?