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July 5

Wednesday, July 5th, 2023

I confess to be envious of others from time to time.

For example, Jo & I were driving back from church camp after visiting some of our high school students, when she asked me about a certain situation that we were both familiar with and if I was jealous. I told her no because that doesn’t “float my boat.” “What I am envious of,” I told her, was “the handling of his money, that he could do what he is doing because of it.” There are other circumstances involved, or course, but I am not jealous.

What I have envied, in many way, are those who “hear” from God and change course or maybe take a certain action because of it. Like Acts 16:6 where Paul wanted to go to visit the churches in Asia Minor but was forbidden by the Holy Spirit. To be honest, part of me says, “Why would God forbid that? I mean, Paul had the Good News of Jesus but was told no.” Makes no sense to me but there it is in black and white. Why? Well…I don’t know. But I don’t have to. God does.

Paul listened. I want to be that open to the leading of the Holy Spirit so I can recognize His voice. Each time I get on my bike to head out for a ride, I say a short prayer: “Lord, protect me as I ride. Keep the drivers alert and me also. Let me “hear” Your voice, Your warning, if I need to get off the road to avoid getting hit.” I hope that never has to happen but I want to hear His voice of warning if it does. Been hit; don’t want to go there again.

One of my daily prayers is “God, speak to me through Your Word.” The key is to be ready to hear and obey.  Have you ever “heard” God’s voice of warning or direction?