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April 24

Monday, April 24th, 2023

The year was 1966. A strange Hindu mystic (yogi) by the name of Rao (not to be confused with the villain in Superman, although…) had gained a little prominence in his native land.  That happens when you claim to eat glass, bite a head off a viper, and swallow acid. He performed other feats of magic (tricks) and was soon invited to the U.S. by a promoter. After he realized he was in over his head, he went back to India. He soon began to say (brag/bluster take your pick) that he could walk on water.

For $100 a ticket he would prove it and a set date. On the day of his demonstration over 600 people-believers and curiosity-seekers- attended. The demonstration was held in a large garden with a deep pool. The white-bearded yogi appeared in flowing robes and stepped confidently to the edge of the pool. He prayed silently. He opened his eyes, looked heavenward, stepped over the edge, and sunk like a rock. After sputtering to the surface and struggling to get out of the pool, he pointed his finger and angrily said, “One of you is an unbeliever!”

We laugh. We roll our eyes at the asinine attempt to mimic Jesus. We also chuckle and shake our heads at the gullibility of people.

But the truth is that people have been trying to copy Jesus for years. They have been trying to do what Jesus did hundreds, maybe thousands of years.  No one can compare to Jesus.  He showed that in His life. He showed that in His death. He showed that in His resurrection. He ultimately will show it in His coming.  Men have tried to mimic His healing. They have claimed to be able to raise the dead (check out the story of Olive Heiligenthal). Jesus never staged anything. He never searched for someone to fake an injury in order for them to be “healed.” There is only one Jesus. There is only One miracle-worker.

Don’t waste your time or life following a man (or woman) who makes wild claims. A huckster. They are just cheap knock-offs of the real thing. Follow Jesus. He is the only Real Deal.