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July 4

Tuesday, July 4th, 2023

Happy Independence Day! This will be a very short post because I want you to spend the time with your family and remembering and celebrating the birth of our nation.  Please keep in mind that despite all its flaws (can we expect anything differently?), this is still best country to live in. I have said it before that if a person is unhappy and threatens to live somewhere else, I say, “Go. Arrivaderci. Sayonara. Good-bye. Good riddance.” (and all the other words that go along with that sentiment).  I will reserve all political comments since I prefer not to comment at all…except one. It has been my contention that if someone doesn’t like living here and the freedom to express themselves, then by all means go to Russia, or China, or North Korea or some other “great place to live” and try speaking freely there. How much do you like your head? ‘Nuff said.

The sacrifices that were made when those early colonists and their ragtag army took on the British army and secured our freedom must never be forgotten. The price many of those early signers of the Declaration of Independence paid can never be minimized. I could list what kind of sacrifices the singers of the DoI made, but here is a complete listing for you:

Please check it out. It is quite telling.

Meanwhile, be grateful for your freedom.