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February 13

Monday, February 13th, 2023

Have you ever read the story of Esther? If you have you know there are some major players in the book: Esther (obviously); Mordecai (her cousin); Ahasuerus (the King); and Haman (the protagonist and anti-Semite). In all the people in the story, there is one who gets left out in the shuffle.

Her name is Vashti. Queen Vashti. The queen who place Esther takes.

Her story is worth mentioning. In chapter one, the king throws a huge shindig. But not just a party, a seven day hoedown. Trust me when I say there was lots of drinking. But lots of that led the king to want to make a spectacle of his Queen (v.11). But Vashti refused to be a piece of meat for the king and his lackeys. At her refusal, the king not only got angry, he became vindictive. After all, according to his “friends and advisers” her refusal would set a bad precedent for the other women to follow (v.17). So he banished Vashti from her being queen and from his presence.  Queen Vashti lost everything…or did she?

She lost everything except her self-respect.

She teaches us there are some things more important than fame, fortune, and status. What good are any of those without self-respect and integrity? I realize the world has other ideas., but I’d rather know who I am and be able to look in the mirror and be proud of the reflection, than to know I compromised my soul, my family, my health, my integrity, but most importantly, my God, to get something illicitly.

Are you able to look into a mirror and be happy with the inner reflection? And while you are introspecting, do you view others with respect, especially those who have made the tough decision not to compromise?