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February 22

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

Do you know what today is? Some of you will say, “Of course I do. It’s Ash Wednesday…whatever that means.”

And you would be right. Partly. Hang in there with me for a moment.

It seems our world is good at making holidays spring up out of nowhere. Sure, we have the nationally recognized ones. New Year’s Day. Presidents Day. Memorial Day. Independence Day. Thanksgiving Day. Christmas. Easter. You know…the ones the banks and post office is closed on.

But we have more! February alone has a Sticky Bun Day, a Sword Swallowers Day (that one is kind of hard to stomach), even a Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (your dog will flip over this one).

Did you know February 22nd has been designated as Be Humble Day? How ironic is that? Be Humble Day on Ash Wednesday (this year at least). That means for many people today is the first day of Lent.  Most certainly that begs for humility. I didn’t even know what Lent was until I was an adult in my 50s. I know…pitiful. I never grew up in a religious culture that observed Lent. I remember once in high school sitting in a study hall and seeing the teacher (I could give you his name but won’t) whom I noticed had a black smear on his forehead. I a.l.m.o.s.t. said something to him about it, but deferred. If I had I would have heard about Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday commemorates the first of 40 days leading up to Resurrection Sunday (Easter). Historically, Lent is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting. People typically give up something for that period-sweets, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, exercise 🙂 …whatever suits their fancy.

I’m not an observer of Lent, although at times I have experimented with giving up something. One year I gave up caffeine (Diet Dr. Pepper since I don’t drink coffee). Another year, it was chocolate (I survived…barely).  This year, because I want to watch my weight and intake, I am giving up snack foods.

All that misses the point of today. Be Humble Day. Tomorrow I’m going to write some more on the significance of Be Humble Day.

But for today, why not humble yourself and put someone else before you? Serve them. There is ONE who set that example for us.  He washed feet. He dined with “unclean” people. He went to a cross.