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June 13

Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

Milestones are important. To remember. To acknowledge. To celebrate. This Friday, I hit a milestone-the BIG 5-0!

The Big 5-0? “You turn 50 on Friday?” I wish. Sadly, that ship has sailed 20+ years ago. You do the math.  Red letter date is October 9, 1952. So…no…not age 50.

The Big 5-0? “Your nest egg?” Again, sadly, No. Let’s just say I cannot retire (not that I want to).

The Big 5-0? “You have lost that much weight?” No. At 6’5″ I’m comfortable at the 210-215 range, especially since I lift weights as well as ride a bike. I lost 48 pounds once as a result of COVID back in late 2020/early 2021 and looked like a skeleton. I tell people it was the first time in years I had defined, washboard abs (or close to that), so there was one good thing. I’m also minus a gall bladder.  🙂

The Big 5-0? “You have been in ministry that long?” Close but no cigar. I have been preaching or in some form of ministry for 51 years, and will been an “official 50” this coming April 13, 2024 (my late mother’s birthday).

Still in suspense? Let me give you a clue: June 16, 1973. That should be a dead giveaway.

That was the sweltering hot, stuffy-in-the-church-with-no-air conditioning-day that Jo and I said, “I do” to each other. The greatest step I ever made was saying Yes to Jesus. The second greatest was that day 50 years ago. Jo has been through a lot over the years. Multiple churches, some ending badly.  With never a moment’s hesitation, she was ready to pack up and leave whenever we needed to and wherever we were called to. She has made our house a home, often playing mom and dad when her foolish husband thought it was more important to be doing church work than staying at home. (She did let me know when I was going too many nights in a row. Still does). We have been blessed with two amazing daughters; one fantastic grandson; friends we can’t count; and now a church I love and have served for almost 18 years (this November).

I am who I am because of God’s love, grace, patience and work in my life.  I am also who I am because of the love of a good woman. I am blessed beyond imagination.

This will my last post for this week. We plan to leave Wednesday morning (tomorrow)  for Ohio to visit our daughter and grandson. Wednesday night Mike, Janna’s significant other, plays a softball game, and we have yet to watch him play this summer. Braden plays 2 baseball games on Thursday and one on Friday. It may be our only time to see him play this summer since my summer has been drastically altered by a significant event. Friday night we hope to have a nice supper with the Ohio clan. As we laid in bed the other night I asked her if that was sufficient for an anniversary present. I knew what she would say since she adores our grandson and loves to watch him play ball. It was just another time where she showed me how special of a woman she is. No fanfare. No jewelry. No hype. No luxury hotel suite or trip is as important to her as spending time with me and the ones she loves.  WIN! No. BIG WIN!!

I’ll be back Monday morning with a new post.

June 16

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Today is our 47th anniversary and we are soon to be heading to Ohio to watch Braden play his first baseball game of the year (thanks “rona” for messing things up). We found out last week, and since I was already taking the day off, I surprised Jo by suggesting we head to Ohio (4 hours); watch him play; stay the night; take him to IHOP; then head home. Wonder of all wonders she was agreeable! 🙂

Anyway, for the full story (and I mean much fuller) check out my other blog here.  I will not be posting tomorrow since we will be on the road early. Thanks for reading.  I’ll be back here on Thursday.