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May 29

Monday, May 29th, 2023

Unless you were born yesterday or under a rock, it is hard not to know that today is Memorial Day. May your celebration be one of gratitude for God’s gracious gift of His Son. May your celebration also include gratitude to and for the men and women who served our country to make us and keep us a free nation.  Things may not be as hunky-dory or as peachy-keen as we would like them to be, but I am still convinced that the United States of America is still the best place to live.

We could ask Britteny Griner who spent almost two years in a Russian prison cell where she couldn’t even stand up to her full height if she now appreciates what she has. According to reports, she is now standing for the National Anthem. I hope it lasts.

We could even ask all the ingrates who desecrated our landmarks, raised havoc in the streets, burned down buildings, killed innocent people, wanted to Defund the Police, and took over AND RUINED cities and states how they like the freedom to riot and protest as they have. A right they would not have if they lived in Russian or China or North Korea…places that have a socialist philosophy they want to emulate and incorporate on our soil.

I want to tell all the actors, actresses, and all the other so-called important people who are full of themselves and who promised to leave if certain people were elected or a certain party came into power two simple words: Bye-bye.

Try lying and slandering the leadership of China, or Russia, or North Korea, or Cuba and Uganda and see where that gets you.

I tip my hat and my honor to the men and women who served this country from 1776 to the present-to win our freedom and to preserve that same freedom.  GOD BLESS AMERICA! 

But also AMERICA BLESS GOD. The latter will be the key to turning this whole rodeo around.

May 31

Monday, May 31st, 2021

I have never served in the military. When I was in high school, registering for the draft was a law. When I was in college it was a law also. When I turned 18 on October 9, 1970 I was a Freshman in college. But I was required to register so I hitched a ride from a school buddy and made my way to another town in Kentucky to do so. I was never called and to this day do not know what my number was. I was exempt because I was in a Bible college studying for the ministry.

I did not go to college to bypass the draft, even though I know of some who did. They really had no business being in that college because they had no desire to really be a pastor.  Without trying to be too judgmental, their lives showed it.

I did not know what VietNam was all about. I was naive when it came to war and political things. Call me guarded. Call me shielded. Call me sheltered. I do know if I had been called on to defend the freedom of this country, I was willing to do so. But I didn’t have to.

Others did it in my place. I am grateful.  I am beyond thankful for the men and women whom we honor today, those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  I keep thinking of those who want to destroy what we have; to take it and give it away to some lawless nation; to compromise the foundation of our great nation to satisfy their own whims; and as they do, compromise their own words to get what they want. Sacrifice does not do that. Sacrifice is no where close to the “what-I-can-get-out-it” mentality that dominates today’s thinking.  I still say that if they don’t like living in the United States of America then take their wretched philosophy and governmental garbage (socialism) and 1) move somewhere else (you know…as they threaten to do so) and 2) take their wretched ideas and put them where the sun don’t shine. (Sorry if that is too crude).

As you consider today, think of it as more than a holiday (and in many cases) a day off work. Remember the sacrifice paid for your freedom.  Here is a thought: did you worship yesterday at the place of your choice?  Try that in a socialist country.  I don’t think we are perfect and I certainly don’t worship the USA. I am not a Christian nationalist. But I am a grateful American whose Christian faith recognizes the God of all humanity as the One True God and as the One who has truly blessed us.

‘Nuff said. Soapbox put away…for now. 🙂