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May 22

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

Do any of these sound familiar?

You walk into a room to ask a question and whoever is in the room (spouse, son, daughter) is locked onto a TV screen and their fingers are moving at warp speed.

You speak to someone and they see but don’t really see you. You feel as though their eyes are looking at you but their mind is elsewhere.

You speak to someone who acts as though they didn’t hear you (because they probably didn’t). When you shake them or wave your hand in front of them or call their name they act like they awakening from a stupor.

The scenarios are multiple but the problem is the same in all…preoccupation. I’m going to go out on a limb here and saw we live in a preoccupied world. I know myself if someone comes to speak to me I have to put down what I’m reading; turn away from the computer screen; stop looking/texting on my phone; even turn and face that person in order not to be distracted and give my full attention. I was visiting someone just the other day when I asked where she wanted to talk and shey said, “Anywhere.” I told her I needed to be away from the distraction (TV) and its entertainment (a certain country female singer-who shall remain nameless-whom I have NEVER liked, even when I listened CM over 20+ years ago). Anyway…

I read of a woman who went to see her doctor with two burnt ears.

Doctor: In all my years of practice I have never seen this. How?

Woman: I was ironing (remember what that is? 🙂 ) and watching TV when someone called. I picked up the iron instead of the phone.

D: That’s horrible! But how did you burn the other ear?

W: Can you believe it? The idiot called back!

We can laugh, chuckle, and even roll our eyes, but that is the way of many of us. Preoccupied. Distracted.

Try this: next time someone comes to you wanting your attention, give it to them. Put the book down. Forget that text that just came in. Turn away from the computer. Give people what they want: your undivided attention.