December 15

Written by Bill Grandi on December 15th, 2018

“I want to be sure. I want to be secure. I want to have hope. I want to live with courage.” (The latter  two sound a little bit like they are out of Wild at Heart). But all of them are true.

But so are these: “I don’t want to be weakened by fear, paralyzed by doubt, or filled with anxiety about what’s next.”

All in all I want to know I matter. I want to know I’m not wasting my time. I want to know that what I do has value. I want to know a settledness within. I don’t want to be a shrinking violet in the face of adversity. I want to stand firm. I don’t want to slink away or be wishy-washy.

I can’t do any of the above on my own; by looking to men; to looking for anything on this earth to satisfy. If I am to ever see the “wants” and the “don’t wants” come to be, I have to look vertically. When I do that:

  • I don’t have to live with regret(s). (And I do have plenty).
  • I don’t have to search for identity, meaning or purpose.
  • I don’t have to worry about the future.
  • I don’t have to fear trouble, difficulty, or suffering.

(The above 4 thoughts were taken from a list Tripp had which were especially meaningful to me). Those take in a lot, if not all, of my wants/don’t wants listed above.

“Father, I look at my list and it seems endless, as well as impossible. Help me to trust, not fret, over being secure in You. None of these are out of your view. None are out of your ability to bring about. I. AM. YOURS. In You I’m secure. I find my rest in You.”


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  1. When I’m feeling fearful or overwhelmed by circumstances, I try to remember whose child I am and call on God for His guidance and comfort. Got to look vertically!
    Blessings, Bill!

  2. Ryan S says:

    Good summary Bill,

    The “Wild at Heart” reference made me smile. I have been trying to start every day with a prayer asking God to give me the courage to be the warrior he has called me to be. Somedays, I am in the battle defending what is right and true. Somedays It is all I can do to defend myself against the fiery darts being shot at me. Regardless, I know that God is the only real surety I can count on without hesitation.

    I summarized Tripp’s list below.
    1. Don’t fake it, my sin has been washed away.
    2. Jesus has given me everything I need to do what I need to do.
    3. I am never alone.
    4. No regret, my sin is forgiven.
    5. My purpose is living as a child of God
    6. My future is in the creator’s hands.
    7. Trouble, difficulty, and suffering are used for my good and God’s glory
    8. If I work for the Lord, it is always worthwhile.
    9. No punishment, Jesus took that on.


  3. floyd samons says:

    I’m with you here too, Bill. It’s only in Him that I can “Gird my loins”.

    Without His help we melt like butter on a hot stove.