December 24

Written by Bill Grandi on December 24th, 2018

I love Christmas lights! As a kid, even though we were not blessed with a lot of money-sometimes barely squeaking by thanks to mom’s “creativity”-we always had a nice Christmas. Included in that was a brightly lit Christmas tree, which we never saw until Christmas morning. Dad would put lights in the lower windows and on a tree outside. I’m not that elaborate, but I love lights on a tree!

Lights are a perfect picture of Jesus’ entry into our world.

Jesus willingly entered the darkness so that I could live in the light of His presence forever.

Tripp says it well: “The Christmas story really is a light story.” It’s a story about the Light of the world coming into the darkness of this world in order to dispel the darkness. I say dispel and not disperse on purpose. Disperse means “to spread it around.” God had no intention of spreading around the sin and darkness of this world. Dispel means “to wipe out, eradicate.” That was God’s solution.  He knew the darkness and sin could not be trifled with or be allowed to stay. It had to be wiped out. So He sent the Light-the Light of the World. The real Christmas story. The real Light show. The world’s greatest houses fighting light wars has nothing on this one. They pale in comparison.

“Father, the heaven lit up on that Bethlehem hillside that night. No darkness Only light. Jesus came to bring light to this sin-darkened world. Let the True Light of the World be my light also.”


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  1. Yes! The light of the world has come!
    Merry Christmas, Bill, to you and yours, and may God richly bless you all.

  2. Ryan S says:

    Light is pretty amazing. In a completely dark room, a single candle can provide enough light to keep myself from tripping over something.

    The area right around the candle is lit brightly and the further you get away from the candle the darker it gets.

    I see the same in Jesus. When I am striving to be close striving to be right next to him the darkness flees. The further away I get the more the darkness invades.

    Unlike wax candles, flashlights with batteries, or oil lamps… Jesus’ light will never burn out, go dead, or run out.

    Even more Jesus allows me to be a part of that light. I am no longer part of the problem of darkness, but a mirror to reflect Jesus’ light.

    As we are on the Eve of celebrating the greatest most important miracle in he history of man… I would be good to remember to polish my mirror, and put it on display to illuminate the dark areas in my life.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. floyd samons says:

    Amen. He is the Light of the world. The one seen and unseen!