December 29

Written by Bill Grandi on December 29th, 2018

Change. I know some people dislike that word a lot. It’s not the word; it’s what it infers. And it isn’t really an inference; it’s action. It’s movement. It’s saying, “Guess what? Move. No more status quo.” Tripp says it this way:

Yes, change is possible, not because I have wisdom and strength, but because I’ve been blessed with the grace of Jesus.

Change is difficult for many people. We like sameness. We like status quo.  Change means out of the comfort zone and into uncharted waters. I know there are some personality types where change is difficult; I’ll even give them the benefit of the doubt and give them some time. But those who resist because of “I refuse to” or because “I want things like they have always been” test my patience.

I can only imagine God’s feelings. He is not satisfied with us being as we have always been. His desire is for change. Change doesn’t mean:

  • I’ll get my wish list
  • God will change people into what I want them to be
  • God will make life easier. If anything, I see life becoming more difficult as old moorings get broken loose and new “tie downs” are made.

“Father, I know change is necessary. I simply cannot stay the same. That breeds stagnation and death. Change me from inside out. Change me into the Christ-follower, the man, you want me to be. Let me not resist change but to accept it as part of your plan for me.”


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  1. Ryan S says:

    Change can be difficult. Especially when it involves hard work. There are a number of areas 8n my life where I need to continue changing. My diet for one. My exercise routine for another. The third and most important is my dedication and focus to being who God created me to be. I’ve made strides this year, but I have not arrived. There is still much more transformation that needs to take place.

  2. If we don’t put up a resistance, God will always change us for the better. Blessings, Bill!