January 18/Weekend

Written by Bill Grandi on January 18th, 2019

Randall Arthur in his book 46 Stones inspired this entry. His “stone” was about diversion-of how God will use a diversion to grow our faith. Here are my thoughts:

Many (maybe most) like sameness, i.e. don’t like change. Routine is good. In my book: too much routine = rut. That was the point of his chapter. Diversion is good. Diversion is when growth- sometimes great growth- takes place. I concur.

I was in a rut, a deep one. Backtrack: there have been several times over the years when God has used diversion to wake me up and get my attention. In 1994 it was a 4 day personal fasting retreat when I read Wisdom Hunter for the second time and finally cast off the shackles of legalism. In July/August of ’99 God used Tami’s desire for worship, Maryland Community Church and Fish in the Sand to bring about a spiritual revolution which helped sustain me through the betrayal and loss of a job that was to come. Fast forward to 2016.November 8 to be exact when a hit ‘n driver decided to play bumper cars with me on my bicycle. I lost. But not much changed. Until February 17, 2017 when I hit the pavement. This time the wake up call was dramatic! The diversion was stark. I think it is safe to say that the wisdom, insight and knowledge of God’s grace I received during that time may be greater than ever before and what I have learned since then has been icing on the cake. Although I do not believe God caused that wreck or the car to blatantly hit me, I do believe He could have stopped both. However, He will not act contrary to His nature and He will allow events to take place for his purpose and my ultimate lesson. Some diversions can bring life lessons. I am glad God used a horrific accident to get my attention. I was in a bad rut and it took “drastic” to move me.

“Father, ugly events are never beautiful at the moment. But neither is stagnation and ruts. I was in one and you used a major diversion to wake me from my stupor. Thank you for getting my attention and diverting me from the path I was on to a sweet fellowship with you. I will be forever grateful for your attention to me; the grace you showed and have shown; and the constant presence in my life. And help me not to be lulled back into a state of slumber.”



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  1. Although the experiences at the time may seem painful, horrific even, God uses even those to wake us up, to move us forward, to keep our relationship with Him vital and alive. The last thing He wants is for us to stay in a rut, our wheels spinning, but going nowhere.
    Blessings, Bill!

  2. Bill Grandi says:

    You are 100%, absolutely correct Martha. I would like to add that I don’t want to stay in that rut with my wheels spinning either.

  3. Pam says:

    Often the hardest lessons teach us the most. Your honesty and encouragement offer us hope.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I agree with you Pam. I think some of the deepest and dearest lessons I have learned has been when the going has gotten the hardest.

  4. Ryan S. says:

    I cannot disagree at all with God using diversions to get our attention.
    My journey as a Christian began early November 95 when God used two HUGE diversions to get my attention. I am of the opinion that God doesn’t necessarily orchestrate the diversions all the time, but allows them to happen. I also think He is there ready to provide the comfort and direction we need during those times. I have faced several diversions since then as well with the most recent being an opportunity to simply pull away and focus on my relationship with God… 1 on 1. It was impacting, I still have more to deal with, more questions than answers…. but I am working through it day by day. The good news is that I am not ignoring it which I had done for a couple years. I now think of diversions are opportunities for growing my faith.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      You and I have talked about those diversions some Ryan. I can see how that time away changed your perspective. One of things I am glad about is we will always have questions.

  5. floyd samons says:

    I know they were painful lessons, but He saw you through them and the Light now shines brighter through you because of it.