February 15

Written by Bill Grandi on February 15th, 2019

I am actually writing this on February 14th. When I was working my way through New Morning Mercies (BeTransformed on the side bar), I committed to posting every day. NMM was a daily devotional that I took seriously. There were times I definitely didn’t want to due to being on vacation or being away from my “Quiet Time place” or just because of time. But I did it anyway because I had committed to it.

But when I hit 2019 and decided to do LivingintheShadow I vowed I would not be “owned” by it. I would make every effort to post every day and only on the weekend when I felt I had something to say. I wanted to enjoy my posting not feel shackled by it. So far so good.

That’s why I’m writing this on the 14th and scheduling it to post on the 15th. This afternoon Jo and I are leaving town for the night. We are long past the age of “getting away for the passion of it all.” (not that I’m opposed to that)  And sorry if that is TMI.  🙂 🙂 No, we just needed to get away. Get out of town. No matter how hard I try I still find myself at 66 still staying extremely busy with pastoring a church, riding a bike (inside for now) or working out at the Y, and finding it incredibly hard to slow down. Jo suggested we get away. I jumped at that.

So…I’ll post a blog. Soon. Maybe later today after we get home and before we take tickets at the high school basketball game. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Sunday. Who knows? I do hope you will come back to check it out though. I also thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner of the blogosphere. I’m enjoying doing Living in the Shadow and do hope it is providing you with blessing, encouragement and some thought-provoking material. I do appreciate it. See you soon. Or as Sam tells George in “It’s a Wonderful Life”: “See you in the funny papers. Hee-haw.”


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  1. Glynn says:

    Enjoy your time away, Bill!

  2. Have a wonderful time away, Bill! And yes, I love the inspiration you always have for us here at Living in the Shadow; one of my favorite blogs to read, hands down.

  3. Ryan S says:

    Bill, you and Jo enjoy your time away. Cherish it… Cherish each other.

  4. floyd samons says:

    Enjoy your time away, Bill. We seem to be on the same path… or maybe a high speed freeway would be a better description! Enjoy.