June 24

Written by Bill Grandi on June 24th, 2019

As I found myself a couple of weeks ago, so I find myself again. Only this time it is not because of fun. The last time Jo, Tami, Braden and I went to PA to watch a baseball game. My posts here were sketchy at best due to time constraints and an active 12 1/2 year old. This time it is not so pleasant. Jo and I took off yesterday (Sunday after worship) for Sandusky, OH to begin the process of cleaning out and cleaning up her sister’s apartment. We have set aside two weeks for that to happen. I’m not sure it will. But sadly, there is no internet at her place. No TV. No phone. No internet. So I am not sure I will be posting here during the week. If I can I will. I am taking my bike as a “stress reliever” and plan on riding early morning if the weather cooperates. If not, I’ll probably try to hunt down Wifi and do some blogging.  Your prayers would be much appreciated for the clean up, but more so for Jo as she has to navigate her sister’s illness (long term facility now back to the hospital) and all the legal garbage (I could use another word I don’t use) to get POA.  Thanks.


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  1. Diane Ronzino says:

    Morning Bill. I will be praying for you and Jo for this undertaking on behalf of Jo’s sister. God Bless you.

  2. You both, as you know, are in my thoughts and prayers, Bill. Safe travels!

  3. floyd says:

    That doesn’t sound like fun…

    Praying for your time there and your sister in law.