June 21/Weekend

Written by Bill Grandi on June 22nd, 2019

My title for this devotion is Size vs Object.

Let’s play the “Let’s Suppose” game.

Let’s suppose you are asked to go for a plane ride in a single-engine plane. You’ve never been before so it sounds exciting. You know and trust the pilot BUT you’ve heard reports from folks that the plane has had some issues so you decline. A few weeks later the plane crashes, the pilot dies and an investigation shows a faulty engine. The pilot had faith-but it was faith in a faulty object.

Let’s suppose you really like the new pastor. Your church friends go ga-ga over him but there’s something about him that sets you on edge and throws up some yellow flags. So you back off and even go elsewhere to worship. A year later you hear he is disqualified for ministry because of embezzlement and infidelity. Your friends had faith-but it was faith in a faulty object.

One more. That new-fangled car is a “drive itself” car. The tests are not convincing to you so you choose one without it or choose not to use it when driving. Months later you learn there is a lawsuit against the company for faulty design, someone was killed when it was engaged. The company and people had faith-but it was faith in a faulty object.

I speak with people upon occasion who read Scripture then wonder if their faith is too small. Their faith is small-like a mustard seed-but they feel it is too small. I, personally, have read stories about people like George Mueller who had such great faith and then I feel so inferior.

But what’s important is not the size of my faith but the object of my faith. It’s not the WHAT but the WHO. My faith can be as tiny as a mustard seed but it stays tiny and ineffective if it is not in the ONE who can enlarge that faith.

One other thing: I need to remember that faith is not always rewarded immediately. Small faith doesn’t become great faith overnight. It is the reward of those who have moved little hills (as I have heard it said) and by trusting in the One as the object of my faith.

“Father, enlarge my faith in YOU. May you always be the object of my faith. Help me to not put my faith in the wrong thing or person.”

This devotion was inspired by a devotion by Vernon Grounds from “Faith” by Our Daily Bread.


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  1. It’s not the size of our faith, as you say here, Bill, but the One in whom we put that faith. Loved this devotion today!

  2. floyd says:

    Well said. It is the Object. And even the smallest of faith is rewarded… and it grows…