October 15

Written by Bill Grandi on October 15th, 2021

Update on Tami:

I do not have a devotion today. My past few days have (obviously) been taken up with Tami, our oldest daughter.  While I read and had my devotions this morning, time to write one is limited. So here is the update:

A heart cath on Wednesday showed a tear in the front artery of her heart. She did have a heart attack. Her heart and numbers (cholesterol, etc) are in great shape so he can say she did nothing wrong.  He did say this happens due to stress and she has had that. He also said it happened that morning at school.  Time heals this tear so there is no surgery involved.  In fact, he said putting a wire down through it could be fatal. The tear limits the blood flow through that artery.

She will be off school for 2 weeks and will live with us during that time. She will have 6 weeks of cardiac rehab but it is right down the road from her school so that is good. She can teach then head to rehab.

Your continued prayers are much appreciated.


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  1. Such good news!!! Yes, I will continue to pray for Tami’s complete recovery, Bill.

  2. Glynn Young says:

    We’ll keep her (and you) in my prayers, Bill.