December 2

Written by Bill Grandi on December 2nd, 2021

There is a big difference between someone who says something and someone who does something. We all tire of listening to some talking head who tells us what do, how to live and how to act, but then do something different. (That is not a political comment). Hypocrites bug us. It’s even worse when we are that hypocrite and our actions don’t match our words.

A big case in point would be Jesus. How many times does He say, “Love God with all your heart” or some variation of that? How many times does He call us to surrender? “Leave your father and mother.” “Follow me.” It would be maddening to hear Him say (or read his words) and for Him to disregard His own words. Can you say, “I’m not following Him”?

Think of the Christmas story. Philippians 2 tells us it was one of obedience. But the reality of it all is that “if anyone had a right to have His own way, in every way and all the time, it was Jesus.” (Quote from Come Let Us Adore Him by Paul David Tripp-p.69)

But we see Jesus submitting in obedience and surrender to His Father. The cradle. The Garden. The cross. He committed Himself to His Father’s plan. 

And here is a real truth: when He asks us to surrender, He isn’t just blowing smoke.  He’s already done it. Not just talked it! DONE IT. LIVED IT.

Can I do any less? The excuses falter when I try to worm my way out.

“Father, Jesus was obedient to You and surrendered to Your will. Cradle to grave. May I be willing to do the same.”

{Note: Jo and I will be leaving for Ohio today and be gone all weekend. I will read and approve the comments when I have a chance. Please pray for safe travel for us}


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  1. Ryan S says:

    Jesus exemplifies servant leadership. Jesus is the definition of walking the walk and talking the talk. The perfect example to strive to be.

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip!


  2. Ed says:

    Seems like every time we do something it’s hypocritical.
    There’s a parable for that too!

    Safe travels! Have fun!

  3. Safe traveling, Bill. May you and Jo have a wonderful time. This was a great post! Thanks.

  4. Praying for safe travels for Jo and you, Bill! I need to start each day surrendering to God’s will and accepting His guidance for my life.