February 21

Written by Bill Grandi on February 21st, 2022

It never ceases to amaze me what people are capable of doing (in a good way). There is a series of commercials running right now for an organization called Tunnels to Towers.  It was started by a man who wanted to honor his brother, a firefighter in NY, who lost his life running into the towers to save lives on 9/11. The purpose of T2T is to make houses available for vets and those who have suffered traumatic injuries from war or serving the community. Many of these vets have no legs, no arms, part of an arm, and other casualties of war. At least in the ones they feature, there is a “can do” attitude.

Now I’m sure there are those who give up, who say, “I can’t.” Sadly, their life has worn down to not caring, of seeing life as a cruel joke. Many of them end up living in hatred and bitterness…if they decide to live at all. Instead of “I can’t” the real words might actually be “I won’t.”

In Exodus 3-4, there is an interesting exchange between God and the one He is calling to lead His people out of Egypt, Moses.

  • Moses: Who am I, that I should go?
  • God: I will be with you.
  • Moses: What if they ask what is the name of the God who sent me?
  • God: I AM WHO I AM
  • Moses: What if they will not believe me?
  • God: Check out your staff and your hand in your cloak.
  • Moses: I’ve never been eloquent. I stutter.
  • God: I will be with your mouth. I made you.
  • Moses: Send someone else.
  • God: (angrily) I’ll send Aaron to speak for you.

Moses had an “I can’t” attitude. It might have even been an “I don’t want to” attitude. God changed that “I can’t” into a “Can do.”

When we feel incapable, God says, “I am enough.” He turns our “I can’t” or “I won’t” into a “With me you can.”

“Father, help me to never give up and quit. Be my strength.”


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  1. Fantastic analogy, Bill!
    I’m one of those who gives that $11 a month to T2T; I believe so greatly in their mission to help the vets and first responders. I’m glad God is always willing to turn our can’ts and won’ts into “with me, everything is possible.”

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Thanks for the kind words Martha. Good for you on your support. And like you, I am glad is always willing to turn us around.

  2. Ryan S. says:

    There are times where I have let my own mindset get in the way of accomplishing something. For me, it is often “analysis paralysis” that leads me to never moving forward. Though I am a HUGE advocate of “counting the cost” – (Luke 14:28), the expectation is that you estimate and then move forward with the task at hand. It often has far less to do with the cost and more so the effort required. I need to remember that if God is directing my life, then he will provide the resources and ability to complete His will… and if I choose not to move forward, He likely will find someone else to move it forward. God’s plan doesn’t stop just because I stop… He may just bench me for that inning/game/season.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      There is no question, Ryan, that our mindset plays a huge part in our daily life, especially when it comes to accomplishing tasks. You are right when you stae that God will provide the resources and ability to complete His will. And, for the record, I always hated sitting on the bench.