May 5

Written by Bill Grandi on May 5th, 2022

My Bible has a heading at the beginning of chapter 7: An Interlude. It stands between Seal #6 and Seal #7. The purpose? Clueless.

But I did glean a couple of thoughts from my reading.  I hope you find them helpful.

First, I’m no math genius. Never have been. Several numbers are listed in this chapter. He speaks of 144,000 (v.4) and then a great multitude (v.9).   I don’t know if these are literal numbers or what. I do know the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) took this literally  saying the 144,000 were the number who were going to be saved (JWs of course). But when their numbers soared beyond that (sadly I might add), the 144,000 became the “elite” ones while the great multitude became the rest (JWs of course). IMHO that is crock. First, they won’t be there…no cult will. Second, it was a “fishy” way of rationalizing and Scripture twisting to accommodate squirrely teaching. Personally, I have no clue what the numbers mean. Some say the 144,000 and 12,000 have something to do with the Jews and God’s election. I’m not ready to agree to that since election and predestination as it is currently believed by Calvinists leaves me somewhat cold. I’d have to study more.

What intrigues me more about this chapter is what the great multitude will be doing. They will be clothed in white robes (a symbol of purity) and weaving palm branches with words of praise on their lips.  (Verse 10 and verse 12). I particularly like the latter. Sounds to me like it is all inclusive in who God is and what He should receive.

One final thought: Verse 17. All that came to my mind were the words from Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd.” Shepherds don’t beat sheep; they feed sheep.”

“Father, so much is here. Help me to remember I will be part of that great multitude praising You. Thank You for being a Good Shepherd and leading me to the water.”

Jo and I will be heading to Ohio for a couple of days. We will be back in town, Lord willing, on Saturday afternoon. I will approve any comments and respond as I have time. Thanks for understanding and thanks for your prayers.


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  1. Ryan S says:

    Have a safe trip Bill,. As I read through ch7, I noticed the 12,000 * 22 tribes = 144,000. This seems specific to the nation of Israel. However, the chapter goes on to as you describe, that there are too many to count from all nations and tribes reiterating God’s desire to not be a God of one people group, but of the entire world, gentiles and all.
    Praise God, He is a God that did not abandon the rest of us, but made a way for any who desire to be His children.

  2. Safe travels for both of you, Bill!

  3. gail says:

    I never understood the Calvinists thoughts on predestination and chosen ones either. Even though I have studied several of John MacArthur’s bible teachings. That a side, he does have some really good studies. What I take out of chapter seven is how we should be praising the Lord, and how much we should honor and glorify Him. When we get to heaven, we will finally be able to be in worship that will full fill us in a way, that we will be in complete focus to glorifying God as we should be. Worship is a powerful thing here on earth, but I can not honestly say that I worship 24/7, or that God never leaves my thoughts, ever. Safe travels Bill

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I’m glad you are looking for yourself Gail. I can’t say I’m consistent in my worship either, although I wish I was.