May 11

Written by Bill Grandi on May 11th, 2022

I’m dealing with Revelation 10 today. Again, I admit my inability to grasp the meaning of the vision John shares with us.

Several things stand out to me in today’s reading:

  1. I mentioned this in yesterday’s devotion. Maybe we aren’t supposed to understand. According to John in 10:4 some things were sealed and he was not to write them. I wonder if there are some things which are to remain a mystery…like totally understanding Revelation. 🙂
  2. The status of Jesus is seen in verse 6. That’s a pretty powerful description. Sort of like a description in a nutshell. Those words remind me of Paul’s words in Colossians 1: 15-17
  3. And this is admittedly, a puzzling one. What is he saying when he tells John to eat the scroll and it will taste sweet in his mouth but bitter in his stomach?

Does it refer to the future events which are to come? Does he refer to how some things look enticing but when experienced leave a bad taste in one’s mouth? That latter thought makes sense to me so let’s probe it for a few moments. Looks good -> tastes bad. I confess to thinking as I eyed something, “WOW! That looks inviting” only to realize it would leave a trail of bitterness in its wake if indulged. The aftertaste is nasty. I have a blogging friend, Sherry, who is a recovering alcoholic but hasn’t had a drink in…I’m thinking…seven years (I’m not at the office as I write this to double check). She blogs about her journey here. I’m guaranteeing she, nor any other addict, ever saw the bitterness of her “sweet” choice until it bit her. Do you think the adulterer did? Do you think the liar or spreader of juicy gossip did?

You get the point. Actions have an aftertaste. Sometimes those actions have terrible consequences. They look sweet but often leave a trail of bitterness.

Choose wisely. Meanwhile, for some help check out Psalm 119: 1-2, 9, 11, and 16. You’ll thank me. 🙂

“Father, may I realize every choice has a result and often those which look sweet end up being bitter. Help me to choose wisely.”


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  1. That mindset of thinking something that looks so good can’t possibly be bad for us is almost always just the opposite. May God give us hearts of discernment.
    Blessings, Bill!

  2. Ryan S. says:

    One commentary I read, states the eating of the scroll depicts both the sweet satisfaction of message of hope that is to come to those to believe, while the bitterness is the ultimate destruction of the wicked and those who do not believe.
    God does not desire that a single soul be banished, but His Righteousness cannot overlook those who have not confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior…Bitter sweet for sure.

    Thanks for helping us through Revelation Bill!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Aaaah glad to help Ryan although if that commentary was correct I was nowhere close to the meaning. 🙂

      • Ryan S. says:

        I am not saying it is or isn’t… just a different perspective and thought on it.
        That said, What you shared is most certainly valid as well and IF not (and I am not saying it isn’t) directly related to this specific set of verses in revelation, I believe, can be found throughout the Bible and is applicable to our lives.

        • Bill Grandi says:

          I was joking of course. I AM RIGHT! As if… seriously, it has been an interesting study for me to go through chapter by chapter. And I agree that application is necessary and can be made. Scripture is for that.