November 7

Written by Bill Grandi on November 7th, 2022

I have always had trouble with statements like “Good Luck” or “You were so lucky.” The same goes for “May the force be with you.” 🙂 Ditto on “It just happened to open up” or some form of “It just happened.”

This recently came home to me in spades.  Almost 2 weeks ago I hit my leg just above the ankle on a metal rod used to move a weight bench at the Y. It hurt like fire.  (And no I didn’t use words I shouldn’t, but I do confess to slamming a weight on the bar). I quickly developed a “goose egg” that looked like a hard-boiled egg in size. I came home and iced it then iced it off and on for the next couple of days. About a week ago I noticed my foot turned black and blue, as if I had sprained my ankle. I also noticed the nail of my big toe also had turned color (blood pooled under the nail). I had a nurse friend who came to take a look and recommended I get to a doctor to get checked for cellulitis. So the next morning I began calling a few minutes before 7 and got through right at 7:00. No openings.  In fact, she told me to call a central number and see if an opening was available. Nope. Nada. Zip. But she said she would take one more look and said, “Oh, I have an opening at 9:05.” So I went and the diagnosis was gravity was causing the bruising; the discoloring of the hematoma was due to some varicose veins I have; and she prescribed antibiotics for the developing cellulitis.  The metal rod must have broken my skin and allowed infection to fester.

But here is the kicker: I told her about my efforts to get in to see a doctor and found her (a PA in the same doctor’s office I use) open. Her answer…wait for it…”I just happened to have a cancellation this morning.”

“Just happened.” Oh…if she only knew. I didn’t have a chance to say anything to her because she was already walking down the hall. If she only knew what I know. “A man’s steps are ordained by the Lord; how then can a person understand his way?” (Pr. 20:24)

“The mind of a person plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” (Pr. 16:9)

Chance? Luck? Just happened? I don’t think so. Luck, chance, or just happened are not words in God’s vocabulary.  And I refuse to have them in mine as well.


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  1. Ryan S. says:

    I view the words and phrases associated with chance, happenstance or coincidence as just that… words. I believe that there are forces at work, both good and bad, that will act to influence decisions and circumstances. I know that God’s always has a plan, but I also believe that God will not force His will upon people. The enemy loves to try to coerce, trick, and influence through fear, hate, and lies… Two opposing forces, though God is infinitely superior in every way. The battles typically involve the foot soldiers, us, the people on the ground. What some perceive as “luck”, I believe is the tug of the spiritual reality in our lives, either good or bad. The real battle is in the mind of the individuals involved. I do believe God knows our choices and our circumstances which is why He could never even be matched by an inferior enemy.

    Having said all that, I must ask… Is there an appropriate response you use when confronted with the idea of chance and happenstance in your daily encounters? Is it enough to simply say… “I don’t believe in luck” or should we go a step further? I think we also must be careful to always assume that what we perceive as positive is God’s will… I have heard many Christians justify or rationalize a bad decision that ended up working out… that it must of been God’s will… Sometimes, I believe, God will take a bad situation and turn it around for His Glory, no doubt… but I can’t believe that God is the cause or ordained those bad decisions…

    — So as I am typing, I realized I probably have taken this way to far and beyond the intent of your original post… I apologize if that is the case.
    This is usually the point where I would delete all that I have typed and post a very simple response, but today, I feel God is wanting me to hit “Submit Comment”

    • Bill Grandi says:

      No problem on the response. I am replying here to let you know I read it. But I will have to come back to this or maybe even do another post. I have some matters pressing which need my attention.

  2. I’m right with you on this one, Bill. Nothing happens by chance/luck. God does direct our steps.

  3. gail says:

    Bill, I hope you are feeling better, OUCH. When I sold my house in martinsville, I looked at 50 houses, I am serious. I was not planning on moving to Spencer, even though I had a lot of close friends here. My friend suggested I look at a house across from McCormick Creek school. When I went to see it, it already had an offer on it. My friend suggested I talk to the builders. I told her there was no way I could afford to build a house. She convinced me to at least talk to them. “Just so happens, it was in my budget, I could be the next house that they build because they did not have a new buyer yet.” I needed to get out of the place I was staying in about 6 months, and “that just so happened to be how long all of this would take, including building a new road”. There was no doubt that this was God’s plan, and His doing. Everything lined up just perfectly for me in the exact time frame I needed. I told my friends if I move to spencer, I wanted to host a bible study, and they agreed to come. I had to find a good church, and just so happened ” the day I went to attend first service at OVCF, there was only one service that day, and “since I was so early I had time to talk to you and Ryan.” God has his ways of directing us so that we are where He needs us to be. I am so thankful, that He directs my steps, I can see why He wanted me here in this place. I also know He still has more surprises for me, and I excited to follow His lead the rest of the way.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      So many “so happened.” I’m glad God was able to direct you in the way He did. But you also needed to be open to it. I’m excited to hear your “house story” and also to know that the church was the one you were looking for. Thanks for giving us a chance. 🙂 And with your attitude and heart, God will continue surprising you.