November 14

Written by Bill Grandi on November 14th, 2022

Christianity is a religion of the past, present, and future. Truthfully, I don’t like that word “religion” at all. It sounds so cold and formal. I guess I could say that Christianity is a “faith” but I’m not sure that effectively captures what I want to say either.

But that is a moot point.

My point is that life in Christ has a past, a present, and a future. Let’s break that down for a moment.

Life in Christ has a present. It is a life knowing we are living in the presence and the power of Christ.  It is a John 15:5 life: “I am the vine…”

It is also a life in the future. The Christ-follower has the promise of eternal life. We have the promise that no one can pluck us out of the Father’s hand. We have the assurance of a home in heaven.

I left off the past on purpose. Many Christ-followers live too much in their past. Or maybe it would be more correct to say they live chained too much to their past. They can’t forgive themselves or forget past indiscretions so they have an issue believing God can do what we can’t. All I need to do at this point is to draw your attention to I Cor. 6:9-11. {Please take a moment to read it}. Notice the words at the beginning of verse 11: “And such were some of you.” Key thought. Then it is followed by a key word: “but.”

That verse makes it very clear something has taken place. You see, the proof of Christianity is in its power to change lives. Such is the strength of those words: “Such were some of you.” Every time you look at a Christ-follower, you are seeing evidence of the fact God changes lives. Mine. Yours. Others. Perfect? Not by a long shot. But made new. Shame? Gone. Sin? Gone. Regret? Gone. In God’s mind.  Now to mine.

Christianity is a “religion” of the past, present, and future. Saved from the past; living in the present; looking forward the hope of an eternal future in heaven.  Remember: “such were some of you.”


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  1. Ryan S. says:

    If I can catapult off of what you have posted. If one is living in the past, what is the primary hang up? Some really pointed and painful questions need to be asked. The first question is, am I comfortable with where I am at? Sometimes digging into the painful past can bring up emotion and pain that I simply don’t want to deal with. Though, I have figured out a way to be comfortable by suppressing it. The problem is there is very little growth in comfort. To see any real growth, the garbage has to be removed. Is it anger? Is it bitterness? Is it fear? Is it complacency? In most, if not all cases, the issue is really a battle in the heart and mind. I pray for release of the chains that shackle and hold back not only myself, but all those who are close to us. As you state it Bill, we have a much greater hope in the future and grow toward that future in the present when we are not chained down by the past.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Well said Ryan. You do ask some very valid questions concerning our past. I do think we must do what you have said you pray for: ask for the shackles to be removed.

  2. Not perfect, but definitely changed for the better, Bill. When we allow Christ to work in us, we are always made new.

  3. gail says:

    Father, thank-you for Your grace, mercy and love, through those, I have a new life in You. I can look back on my mistakes, learn from them, but I do not need to be held hostage by my old ways. I can also allow You, to take my old ways to help me to grow spiritually, and deeper in my relationship with You. I may use my past to help others in their walk as well. All of my hope, and faith is in You alone Father. It is only through You, that I walk in the present feeling safe, and excited to see Your work in me, as I continue to grow in Your Kingdom. Looking forward to my eternal life, when You call me home, knowing I did not live a perfect life, but I had a perfect Savior.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Great prayer Gail. We all have a past full of mistakes. But thanks to the grace of a great God we have been forgiven.