January 5

Written by Bill Grandi on January 5th, 2023

Over the past 3 days of devotions, I’ve tried to see how I could make 2023 different spiritually for me and for you. I had no particular plan or idea in mind that said, “Here. Follow this course as you write.” What I found out this morning as I looked back is that a sort of pattern developed. 

Monday was a challenge to pursue Jesus. I asked a simple-but hard-question: Is Jesus first? Is He my pursuit?

Tuesday was focused on getting rid of baggage we often carry with us. In this case, it was baggage from 2022. Fresh starts require throwing off the old.

Wednesday I focused on the foundation we build on. Rock or sand.

To be totally honest, I did not have a pattern in mind as I wrote. I wrote what was on my heart that morning.

That is why today’s devotion is so important…and poignant. One of my all-time favorite Scriptures has been Phil. 3:10-“I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His suffering, becoming like Him in His death.” That phrase “I want to know Christ” has always intrigued me. What does it mean?

A deeper dive into that verse reveals the Greek word ginosko, which means “to know intimately.” Simple illustration: you may “know” me, but my wife “knows” me intimately. See the difference?

There are many who know about Jesus. There are many who can even say, “I know Jesus. He calmed the sea, healed the sick, etc,” but that is not what “know” means here. 

Paul is challenging us to really “know” Jesus, to know Him as deeply as a man would his wife. A man doesn’t know his wife, or a wife her husband, by passing each other in the night or in the hallway or on the street and just waving.

Neither can we have a deep, inner connection with Jesus by a cursory nod or wave as we pass by. “Hi, Jesus. How you doing today?”  Yeah, that doesn’t cut it.  No, what we really need to do is hunker down. Spend time with Him. Share our lives with Him. Get to know Him intimately.

This is really the crux of the matter. Take the previous 3 days and they all find their fulfillment right here. Will you desire to know Jesus intimately?


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  1. gail says:

    I think we have to constantly challenge ourselves to be in a more intimate relationship with Christ. I do not believe that it just comes naturally to us. It is our relationship with Christ that strengthens all of our relationships around us. We will never be able to overwork or spend time doing anything else more important than drawing closer to Christ. As long as we are on earth we have work to do to improve our relationship with Him.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I agree Gail. The one statement which stuck out to me was “we will never be able to overwork or spend time doing anything more important than drawing closer to Christ.” I say a hearty AMEN to that!

  2. Intimately is really the only way to know Jesus. Thanks, Bill, for driving this home for us today.