April 19

Written by Bill Grandi on April 19th, 2023

I read a story about a flock of wild geese flying south for the winter when one goose looked down and noticed a group of domestic geese by a little pond on a farm.  He noticed they had plenty of grain to eat. Life seemed nice. So he flew down and hung around with the geese and enjoyed the food that was there. Come spring he heard the geese flying overhead so he decided to join them. He didn’t realize he’d grown a little plump over the winter. Flying was difficult, so he decided to join the geese in the fall and fly south with the flock on the next migration. When they flew south, the goose flapped his wings a bit, then went back to eating the grain. So much for adventure!

The goose lost interest. Sure, that a fanciful tale. Who know what really goes through the mind of a goose? 🙂

But it is also a true-to-life story. There was a slow and gradual chipping away at what once was. A gradual erosion if you will.

It has been my experience that is the way of many.

  • No one wakes up one morning and decides to become an alcoholic.
  • No one take that first hit or joint or snort and says, “I’m going to do this so I can become a junkie and lose everything.”
  • No one places that first bet and says, “I want to become addicted to gambling.”
  • No one takes that first look at porn and decides they want to become a porn addict.

You get the picture. The slide into addiction, to the gutter, to ruining one’s life was never planned, expected, or wanted. The subtle tumble into that world was just that…subtle. It happened over time.

When something tempts us, our best approach is to say no. The road to ruin is a gradual erosion and we often don’t realize the depth to which we have sunk until it’s either too late or digging out is a monstrous and painful task.

Don’t start is the best policy. Beware of the gradual pull and slide as your values, morals, and foundation erode.


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  1. Ryan S. says:

    I tend to think we focus on the “big addictions” because they do tend to have the most negative impact in our lives. Drugs, I think are obvious, but caffeine is a drug… and I suspect more people are addicted to caffeine than most other drugs.
    The difference is the ability to function in society… I think the other difference is that caffeine, though it is addictive, doesn’t tend the drive the “user” to wanting more and more… just sustain. — At least for me, I am perfectly content with my 4 cups of coffee in the morning.

    In regards to porn. I think in today’s modern era of technology and unhindered access to literal garbage, that slope is more like a cliff and far less a gradual pull and more like a sudden drop. Once you take that step, you can be gone for days, months, even years. — The even more saddening part of this is the age at which this garbage is being viewed. What I find despicable, even criminal, are some of the stories we read in the news regarding some circles encouraging young people to experiment with this garbage. This is Satan working overtime in my opinion.

    We talk of alcohol and there are some who use it to deaden their senses to the reality of life… Take the edge off. I have been there. I have never had a problem with having a glass of wine or a fruity mixed drink… I can see how if abused, alcohol can and has lead to destructive behavior…

    Gambling, I have tried my “luck” in a slot machine… Dropped a coin in. I’ve purchased a scratch off a time or two… Even spent a couple bucks on the Mega Million… I just can’t stand to throw away money like that. I also know that God will and does provide.

    — Then there is food, attention, cars, adrenaline, tv, sleep, work, the list goes on….

    The question that I ask myself… am I doing something or spending so much attention on something that it is taking me away from my relationship with God? Do I have to look for excuses or “hide” a behavior from others? Is something I am doing robbing those God has put in my care of the time, resources, and attention they deserve.

    If the answer is yes, then perhaps I need to re-evaluate where and how I spend my time, money, and attention.

  2. Wise advice, Bill, and well taken.

  3. gail says:

    If you do not nurture your relationship with God, soon little things that pull you further away will turn into bigger things. Next thing you know you have lost your desire to be in a relationship with God. When you have no relationship with God, darker worldly things have an easier time to get a grip on you. Keep your relationship strong with God, trust Him, love Him, and walk with Him, and you will be able to resist the temptations of the culture, that will just lead to an empty hurtful life.

  4. Cheryl says:

    This was such a true and sobering post. I appreciate you being true to our souls and speaking the truth, Pastor Bill. May God richly bless you!