April 22

Written by Bill Grandi on April 22nd, 2019

My title is Submission vs Resistance.

This is sort of a follow up thought to my sermon yesterday. Jesus’ last words “Into your hands I commit my spirit” were words of submission. No resistance. It says, “He bowed His head and breathed his last.” Total submission.

One of the most amazing things to consider is that Jesus knew ahead of time it was going to be like that. Philippians 2 says more to me than just Jesus coming to earth as a baby. He knew what it was like with His Father; He knew what it would be like on earth with man. He knew submission to His Father would come with a price: His life. Paul David Tripp writes it this way in a SHELTER in time OF STORM:

  • He would submit to being betrayed by a close friend.
  • He would submit to being led away toward a wrongful trial.
  • He would submit to being forsaken by his closest followers.
  • He would submit to false accusations.
  • He would submit to gross injustice.
  • He would stand silent while being mocked.
  • He would submit to slaps on the face.
  • He would not defend himself against physical torture.
  • He would submit to a mob that would call for his death.
  • He would submit to the pain of a crown of thorns.
  • He would be willing to drag his cross to the place of his execution.
  • H would submit to being identified with the criminals.
  • He would submit to nails being driven into his limbs.
  • He would be willing to have His Father turn his back on Him. (p.148)

Most incredible???? He knew ahead of time. Unlike me who would avoid unpleasantness, He followed through with the plan. No resistance. No hesitation. Just submission.

What about me?

“Father, Jesus once again gives me an example to follow. A tough one, but one to follow. May you find my heart submissive not resistant to your call.”


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  1. Ryan S says:

    The hardest part would be knowing. Knowing the rejection, knowing the injustice, knowing the pain… But…. Jesus also knew the outcome. Thankful he submitted, thankful he cares.

  2. I agree with Ryan that the toughest part would be the knowing before hand. But Jesus’ example of full submission to His Father’s will is one we must strive to emulate, with God’s help.
    Blessings, Bill!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Submission is a key word Martha. Wish I could be that submissive to the Father’s will.

  3. floyd says:

    Point made; I try to avoid all physical and spiritual pain… and yet I cause most of mine… Oh this flesh…

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Ain’t that the way it is, my friend, for most of us? Sometimes I want to slap myself silly for the pain I cause myself.