April 10

Written by Bill Grandi on April 10th, 2020

My, my, my how things have changed! Used to be Good Friday was different. In my younger days (late ’50s/early’60s) Good Friday was unlike other days. Believe it or not, many shops and stores closed from 12-3:00 in honor of the religious tradition that Jesus hung on the cross and died from 12-3 (6th-9th hour). I think you know where that tradition has gone these days. Since there was only McDs at the time, nothing was open on Sunday except a few select smorgasbords.

Other things have changed too. What used to be wrong is no longer wrong. We used to know the good guys from the bad guys. The good were white hats; the bad wore black hats. I knew the Lone Ranger and Tonto; Roy Rogers; Mike Nelson (Sea Hunt); Perry Mason, et al were always going to win. With a few exceptions, marriage was for keeps. Hard work was a virtue (and not frowned upon). A lie was wrong. A hand shake was good. Adultery was a scandal. Black was black; white was white. Gray rarely existed.

Sometimes change is not good. Things we thought would always be wrong are not in society’s and many church’s eyes. In this, we have missed the boat.

God’s Word never changes. God’s truth never wavers. But what He does offer is a chance to start all over. That is a good change. From old to new. From mess to order. From darkness to light. From garbage to recycle. From slavery to freedom.

“Father, change me into a new creation. Help me to put away the old and put on the new. Help me to make the right kind of change.”


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  1. Things have changed so much since we were young, Bill, but we can give thanks that God and His Word will never change. May He be our guiding light always!

  2. floyd says:

    People tried harder to be honorable back then. Now they take pride in duping people.

    I read a book in the 80’s by Tony Robbins. In it he “taught” people how to “mirror” other people, in a way to get them to do what you wanted them to do by making them like you.

    I thought it was cool for a few years.
    When you get closer to God and gain wisdom our eyes are opened to see that those are the kinds of things that make a compromised society…