April 28

Written by Bill Grandi on April 28th, 2020

Don’t you sometimes wish you could get into a DeLorean and travel back through time? I’m guessing if you are like me you would do or say somethings differently. I would tell myself, for example, don’t pick up that magazine as an 10 year old. I would tell myself to be frugal and save your money.  I would tell myself to be less conscious of what a car looks like and run it into the ground. I would tell myself not to spend on frivolous things (bike stuff excluded) 🙂  and prepare for the future.  I would tell myself…

I think we would all like to be able to do that.  But we can’t. I think many of us have the “Someday” mentality. You know what that is. “Someday I’ll do this.”  Or “Someday when things are different.”  There are as many scenarios for “someday” as your mind can think. No one expected this virus and the upheaval it has caused. Don’t you wish you could go back several months and warn your younger self it was coming and to be prepared?

“Someday” has a it-may-happen-and-when-it-does-things-will-be-different kind of vibe. But not always does our future turn out as we envisioned. “Someday” may turn out to be the fulfillment of our dreams or it may turn out to be the dashing of our dreams/plans on the rocks of reality. But no matter what our “Someday” turns out to look like, we are promised it will turn out for our good and God’s advancement.

“Father, I don’t know what ‘Someday’ may bring. I just need to cling to You-good, bad, or ugly- knowing You are the One constant. May my ‘Someday’ be ‘Your Day.’ “


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  1. Yes, I’d have quite a lot of advice to give my younger self if I could go back in time, Bill. But I will count my biggest “some day” as leaving everything in God’s hands right now.

  2. Ed says:

    Oh definitely would go back in time. I doubt that it would do any good though, I was as stubborn back then as I am today.
    Still… what a tempting thought.
    As long as I live day by day I will rejoice in it. 🙂