August 12

Written by Bill Grandi on August 12th, 2020

Seems to me a lot of people either ask or silently wonder about the answer to this question: what am I here for? Many, many-maybe most-young people ask that question somewhere along the line.  It might be heard in other words like “What am I supposed to do with my life?” or “I’m not sure what I want to do for a living” or if that person is a follower of Christ: “What does God want me to do about my future?” What a person is doing when they ask that question or those questions is simply saying, “What is my calling?”

Calling. This came to mind this morning as I read the story in Acts 13 where God had the church leaders set aside Paul and Barnabas “for the work to which I have called them.” (13:2)  (emphasis mine). We talk a lot about “calling.” There are those who feel “called” to being a pastor. You might hear someone say, “I’ve been called to the mission field.” By the same token you might hear someone say, “I’ve been called to be a teacher…or a fireman…or an EMT…or a barista…or a (fill in the blank).”  Nowhere does it say a calling must be in full time church work. I have a blogging friend who feels called to be a loving wife, a Gammy, and a writer. I might also add “encourager.” She has certainly encouraged me. I have another reader who feels called to reach out with a food ministry, to deliver food to help those who can’t get it themselves. I feel called to be a pastor and that calling has sustained me for over 45+ years-through dark days and through light days; through full days and empty days; through highs and lows; through day of doubt and days of faith.

There is one interesting aspect of Acts 13 and Paul and Barnabas’ calling. Another name crops up: John, aka Mark. He must have thought he was called but later dumped them during that first mission trip (13:13). But if your calling is from God you can’t escape or forget it. Mark’s was. He came back, even though initially it caused a rift between Paul and Barnabas. Mark could not forget his calling. Neither can I. Neither can you.

“Father, each one of us has a unique calling from you. May I be faithful to that calling…no matter where it takes me.”


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  1. I think I recognize someone in your post today, Bill – lol! Yes, when we are called by God to do something, we will know it deep in our heart and soul. It’s never a mistake to follow His lead!