October 2

Written by Bill Grandi on October 2nd, 2020

It always thrills me to see how God juxtaposes things together. He did it again this morning.

  • My Scripture reading was I Cor. 13, commonly called the “Love Chapter.” I’m currently using One Faithful Life (the life of Paul) by John MacArthur during my Quiet Time.
  • I completed a Christmas devotion by Sinclair Ferguson call Love Came Down at Christmas that I have been reading all month during my Quiet Time.  Each devotion has been an exposition of I Cor. 13. Guess where the last devotion was from? I Cor. 13:13- “the greatest of these is love.”
  • Oddly enough-the presidential debate. I confess I did not watch it largely because I already know who I am voting for and the lateness of the hour. I needed to go to bed.  But I’m pretty sure there was no love lost among the two candidates. {Note: I’m writing this Wednesday morning before hearing any analysis}.
  • I woke up with a fairly new song in my head. “Make Love Great Again” by Christian rock group, Stryper.  (Lyrics at end as well as link to song)

There is no question the presence of love is in serious decline and has, in many cases, done a great disappearing act. Vitriolic speech. Protests and riots. Disregard for property. Vigilante “justice.” Hate-filled speech. Disrespect for people enjoying a meal. Ugh! One of the candidate’s motto was “Make America Great Again.” Maybe Stryper is onto something. What a change would take place if we could Make Love Great Again. I Cor. 13 tells us “the greatest of these is love.” Let’s prove it.

It starts with me, with you, in our own little world first. One person at a time. One act at a time.

“Father, help me to be a pursuer of love. Help me to see and practice I Cor. 13:13- ‘the greatest of these is love.’ ”

Lyric video here.  (Caution: it may not be your style of music. I’m giving you fair warning!)  🙂  (But is mine)

Make Love Great Again

Make love great again
I’ve been tryin’ to get it right
Tears I’m cryin’
Dark as night
These times are changing
So am I
I’m rearranging wrong from right
But hope is alive
It never died
Make love great again
Fight for it ’til the end
Don’t let the darkness in
Make love great again
There’s a culture
That’s building walls
Just like vultures
Consuming all
Oh, but there’s a fire
That’s burning bright
It won’t expire
Even in spite
Of hatred
It’s flames they are sacred
Make love great again
Fight for it ’til the end
Don’t let the darkness in, no
Make love great again…

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  1. “Make Love Great Again” – amen, Bill! That slogan should be in the hearts of every Christian, especially in these trying times.