February 24

Written by Bill Grandi on February 24th, 2021

Did you ever have a song in your head and it gets stuck there and it keeps repeating and repeating?  Maybe it was one you heard just before bedtime and you woke up with that song playing over and over in your head. Or maybe you were in a “mood” and a song just struck you right. Or you heard a song that had you waxing nostalgic, reliving a scene from the past that song dredged up.

A few weeks ago I had a medical diagnosis hanging over my head that was cryptic at best. “You have a mass of suspicious origin so I want you to get an MRI. It just looks different.” Of course all sorts of things run through the mind. He wanted that MRI to get a closer and deeper look. Thankfully, it was gall stones (which he was able to go in and take out with a process called ECRP).  That led though to a gall bladder surgery this past Wednesday. I’m glad it is over and out. But the morning after those initial words from the doctor, I was driving to the office and a fairly new song to me was playing on my Spotify playlist-Holy is Your Name by Petra. I pulled into the parking spot and found myself overcome with emotion and wept. I just knew no matter the outcome, I was going to be okay.  (Here is that song link).

One of my favorite worship songs was playing last night as I worked on a jigsaw puzzle. I have related here before how my relationship with my father was sketchy at best. No need to repeat it. But the song hit me last night and I became emotional. “You’re a good, good Father that’s who You are/And I’m love by You, it’s who I am, it’s who I am.” My earthly father loved me in his own way, I guess. But God!! There is no comparison. He is a good, good Father and I’m loved by Him.

Now…that’s a song to have stuck in my head and on repeat!! (Here is the link to that song).

“You are a good, good Father, Lord. I cannot thank You enough.”


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  1. Ryan S. says:

    Glad it was diagnosed and taken care of. There are a number of songs that can bring out the emotion pretty quickly in me as well. Even the best of father’s can disappoint at times. Even the best of children can disappoint at times. Thankfully we have a Good Good Father that is perfect and is full of grace for both.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I, of course, am glad also. I am sure if you asked my girls I made mistakes as a father. I hope they never felt unloved though. And as you gathered by my devotion I am thankful for a good, good Father.

  2. That is a wonderful song to get stuck in your head, Bill; one of my favorites. God is our good, good Father and always will be.

  3. Meekly Seeking says:

    Hey Bill. Glad it was “fixable.”

    I was at a meeting at my church tonight and was taken aside and asked not to do something that I’ve done at my church for years (feels as if that is a broken record played to me over the years there). I agreed and stepped on into the meeting.

    I tried not to think about it and to focus on the meeting. But the sorrow kept growing inside me. I just kept feeling as if the box that is my part of our church family is being squeezed down smaller and smaller until I’ve barely no part or connection there at all anymore.

    Some music was playing at the meeting and, as the tears leaked out silently, I kept fastening my mind on phrases about God and our relationship with Him. I kept my eyes on a small Jesus painting that hangs in our church and stared into those eyes and repeating those phrases of praises and tried not to care what people or a person think/s of me and let the songs remind me what I think of the Lord and what He thinks of me.

    Sometimes I’m thankful that music gets stuck in us in that way.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Sometimes there are things which happen that we don’t understand. I know churches change and what once worked no longer does. Or what was needed at one point is no longer relevant. That happens over time and this past year is a perfect example of how churches have had to adjust. I may not like all the changes but they are a necessary “hazard” of 2020. I would much rather everyone be here than split time online and the corporate worship but the new reality is that will be the way it is. So I have to adjust or become a dinosaur. And I’m not ready yet for extinction! 🙂 Unfortunately, in your case, what you deem as your niche has had to suffer from the lack of “audience.” Maybe that will change in the future. Don’t give up hope.

  4. Meekly Seeking says:

    No fear of that. My hope is in Christ and Christ alone. My point was that God seems to send us music/songs and often for a reason. This was but one of so many examples in my life when I found myself clinging to the Lord to work through hurts…and much of that clinging was done through clinging to a song in my head.

  5. Diane Ronzino says:

    I thank our Abba for His goodness in taking care of you and that you were so real in sharing yourself with us. You are real and therefore, I’m sure, a wonderful pastor. God bless you, Bill!