July 21

Written by Bill Grandi on July 21st, 2021

I have a system to my Bible reading. But first, let me say this: my morning Encounter Time (ET) with God is important to me. It helps me start my day out right and helps focus me. I won’t lie and say every morning reverberates in me and I leave having to wear a veil so people won’t be able to see the glory of God wear off my face. (Think Moses). I wish it was always that way but it’s not.

That being said, let’s get back to my original thought. (Have you ever noticed that sometimes rabbit trails are attractive?)  Part of my ET is reading the Psalms. I’m almost always in a continual reading of them. Psalms every day; Proverbs every other month.

One of the highlights of Psalms is Psalm 119-the longest chapter in the Bible. 176 verses long. What I like to do is read it slowly and broken up. Today I finished that chapter-almost 2 weeks in the making. 10 verses here; 20 there. I highlight different Scriptures each reading, those which speak to me that time through.

What is unique with that chapter is the centrality of God’s Word (GW). Of the 176 verses, only a handful have no reference to GW. Here is an exercise you can do as you read: Underline all the words used to describe GW, i.e. statutes, commandments, laws, Your word, etc. Do that and the handful of verses will come out.

But be careful! You may find some gems. Verses like verse 9; verse 97; and verse 105. So, so many. You may literally find your head doing the proverbial spin.

So there is your challenge. Read. Take your time. Underline. BE CHANGED.

“Father, ‘I love your word’ is a frequent saying in Psalm 119. May it roll off my tongue as well. Let Your Word come alive in me.”


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  1. Ryan S says:

    I must admit that I am far less meticulous in my reading. I am curious as to your method in regards to 10 vs here 20 there. When do you know to stop? Do you allocate a specific amount of time to the chapter you are currently reading? One thing is for sure… One thing I do know… Any method is better than no method!

    Thanks for peek into your mornings!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      The 10 here 20 there was referring to reading Psalm 119. I generally try to read one chapter at a time in the NT. As I read the Psalms I (generally) will read one or two psalms. I have no method to my madness to be honest. Even though I have no method to my madness, I do read to find one new thing in a chapter which I underline and try to ponder on. Before I begin I pray for God to give me one verse or one insight that will be able to apply to my day.

  2. That’s a great challenge, Bill. I do think I would benefit from reading the Psalms more than I do, and I do love your suggestion to break down Psalm 119 into “edible” sections.