June 28

Written by Bill Grandi on July 28th, 2021

I’m always skeptical when I hear someone say, “Jesus told me (fill in the blank)” or “God told me to do (ditto).” That is especially true when what they say Jesus or God told them to do is so far off base, so whacked, that I want to say, “No way! God would never ask you to do something so vile, so repulsive, so stupid, so hurtful to others.”

I’m not speaking of those-like the Muslims from 9/11- who say, “God (Allah) told them to hijack a plane and fly it into two towers and kill thousands.” There is a place for them alright, but it’s not with any vestal virgins.

I’m also not speaking of those who take an Uzi and open fire on a crowd of innocent people. Or the one who kidnaps another and tortures them to death.

No…that’s not God.  But we must also realize God does speak into our lives-through a still, small voice we hear in our heart/mind. He “speaks” to us through His Word, through circumstances, and other people. It is that latter one I want to focus on for a few moments.

What do you hear from others? Is it a voice of shame? A voice of condemnation? A voice of “you can’t do this or that”? A voice of “you’re nothing”? A voice telling you that you are worthless? A voice of insecurity?

If so, it is high time to change that tune, to change that voice speaking into your ear or your life.  I like what Bob Goff wrote:

We need to give the microphone to those who speak hope and joy into the world.” (p.250)

I would also add “those who speak hope and joy into your life.” We need to stop letting negative voices carry the megaphone. We need to listen to the voice of Jesus, not the dissenters or naysayers.

“Father, tune my ears to hear your voice.”


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  1. Ed says:

    Yes! We need encouragements/encouragers in the Body of Christ. So many just focus on deliverying the bland news, or even condemning words. A Christian is most likely suffering a lot under trials and/or persecution. We need to hear there’s hope around the corner! That’s why I keep coming back here! 🙂

  2. Ryan S. says:

    With all the static that consumes the airwaves… it can be difficult to distinguish God from the other noise that is out there. Social Media, Talk Radio, News Outlets, Social Circles, and our Own Will all tend to get a time on our tuner. Often God is nothing more than a few seconds of the scan button on the radio. God needs to be in the #1 Preset, not some leftover. God needs to have our ears… Or as you say… Tune my ears to hear God’s voice.

    Good post… good reminder…

  3. Amen, Bill! May we tune out those voices that tell us we’re not enough, and listen to God say He loves us right where we are.