August 2

Written by Bill Grandi on August 2nd, 2021

For the longest time I felt I “just had to read my Bible.” For several years I used a guide that took me though the whole Bible in a year. Three  years in a row. I can’t say it was that exciting or revolutionary.  I mean, I was reading the Bible but at what cost? It is hard for it to be exciting when “obligation” sets in.

That’s why I like the approach I use now. I’ll not belabor the details (unless you ask), but this past week and even now, I’ve been in I John. I’m taking my time.

Early on while reading I John, some Scripture “spoke” to me but I put it aside. Until this morning. I John 1:9 is a verse I hang my hat on. A LOT. But it is 2:1-2 that stuck with me and drew me back.  Here are three thoughts I’d like to highlight:

  • “If anyone sins”– we will. Trust me. Perhaps it is wiser to say it like this: “If anyone sins (and we will).” For further proof we will, look no further than I John 1: 8-10.
  • “Advocate”– Jesus is our Attorney.  He is the One who stands in our place, our defense. He is our Intercessor.
  • “Propitiation”– Jesus is our means of reconciliation. He is our sin-offering. Without Jesus we have nothing. No solution for sin.

It all comes down to Jesus. That’s Who we remember. That’s Who we worship.

“Father, may the memory of what Jesus has done for me make a difference in my life. Thank you for forgiving my sin, being my Attorney, and being willing to give Yourself for me.”


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  1. Ed says:

    What an awesome Representative we have in Heaven.. before God! \o/

  2. Diane says:

    Oh, Yes, Abba, Thank You!!! Thank You for sending Your Son into human form just for us! Thank You, Jesus, for all you have done for me! Thank You that You suffered beyond imagination for me. Thank You for what You taught me about obedience! Thank You, Holy Spirit, for raising Jesus from death to Life and for staying here with me, within me, Thank You for Your Word, where would I be without it?? Oh, God, my God, thank You!

  3. Yes, Bill, we will all sin, and I thank God for the gift of His Son to stand in the gap for me – for all of us.
    Fantastic sermon yesterday, too!