February 10

Written by Bill Grandi on February 10th, 2022

Over the past two weeks here at “Shadow” I have been posting some thoughts on Colossians.  This will be my last post from the book.

Yesterday I went to Methodist Hospital in Indy to visit a man who had a terrible accident at work this past Sunday. To enter the hospital you had to go through one of two kinds of doors, both automated. One was wide enough to walk through as well as for a wheelchair to go through. The other was like a carousel. It was constantly moving and you just had to get in the open space. That was fine except it was going so slow I felt like I was taking baby steps as I walked through it.

There are other ways to enter a building, like a house, for example. You can ring the doorbell and be let in or you can bust the door down. The former is the preferred method. 🙂

But way too often when it comes to telling the story of Jesus people want to bust the door down. That is not what Paul wanted. In Col. 4: 2-3 He encourages them to pray BUT to also ask God to open a door for the Word “so that they may proclaim the mystery of Christ.” No door-bashing, but an open door would be great! A further prayer is that he would be able to clearly present the truth. You can also tie in verses 5-6 to these verses:

  • Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders.
  • Have speech that is always with grace.

Presenting the Gospel in this day and age is a challenge. So many forces are pushing back. When we present the message of Jesus we must do it with winsomeness and grace, with a right attitude and heart, and with speech that is covered in grace.

Let’s pray for open doors and not break the door down. And when the opportunity comes, to approach the person with grace.


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  1. We can’t try to break someone’s door/defenses down and expect them to be open to hearing about Jesus. We must use kindness and grace in our words and actions.
    Blessings, Bill!

  2. Ryan S says:

    Our obligation is to love and share the news… It is up to the individual to receive it. That can be hard knowing the eternity of an individual’s soul is at stake. I have to recognize that I am not the closer… Not the one that seals the deal… God is! Good reminder this morning.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      that is a great way to put it Ryan: we are not the closer. But getting the message to them is our responsibility.

  3. Ed says:

    I’m more like Peter.. I tend to have a temper with my words. I sure need a whole lot of grace!