July 7

Written by Bill Grandi on July 7th, 2022

Today is an exciting day for the church. For 2-3 years now, maybe longer, we have been dreaming of putting an addition onto our building for several reasons. One, is so the adults could all worship together. Two, to save on our volunteers, especially the Worship Team. When we moved into this building in 2010 we knew it was too small. But we bought it and called it “our own.” Done renting a dirty, nasty place with a way-too-small children’s area. Then came the devastating news of embezzlement to the tune of $200k+. But within two years the folks were so generous and God was so good that we were able to remodel and make a way for us to function. But we almost immediately had to go to two services, so that meant we needed space. However, instead of adding on to our worship area, it was decided the real priority was a youth addition. Modest, but functional. Paid for in cash. At that point, thanks to an inheritance and some wise financial management by our Finance Team and the phenomenal giving of our people, we were debt-free. Completely.  But now it was decided that we needed to focus on an area big enough for the adults to worship together as one body. There was one caveat: we wanted to do it debt-free.

So we have waited. And saved. And waited some more.

With $211k+ in our Building Fund, we are moving forward to see what can happen.

Hence the excitement for  today. The Building Team is traveling to Graber Post Buildings about an hour away to see what is possible and what our next steps can and should be.

Waiting. Waiting is never popular. We prefer to “hurry up and wait.” Better yet, we prefer to have it now. After today, we may still have to wait. Who knows? And we are okay with that also. With the economy in the state it is in right now, it might be “wait some more.”

Even though that is hard, I’m okay with that. God has proven Himself faithful over and over the past 17 years (how long I have been here). In fact, in my 69 years I have NEVER seen Him not be. I have no plans to start doubting that truth about Him now. Nor do I have any inclination to do so.

If God says, “Hurry up and wait” that is exactly what I’m ready and willing to do.

All in good God’s time.


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  1. Ryan S says:

    I am excited with you Bill, what a testimony that OVCF can have in regards to waiting and having God provide. Human nature and the society we live in often takes the mindset of I want it and I want it now! May God continue to provide for the needs of OVCF and the ministries and missions supported by God through OVCF.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Thank you Ryan. I know you have a vested interest in OVCF from your time here and our friendship. I’m praying God will be so clear it will be unmistakable.

  2. What exciting news, Bill! Yes, God has certainly blessed you all at OVCF, that’s for sure. Keep us posted!

  3. gail says:

    Exciting news Bill. I have seen a lot of Graber’s work and they do an excellent job. Is it ok to hope that God will synchronize his watch with ours?? LOL I think I just signed up for yet another lesson on patience, will I ever learn?

    • Bill Grandi says:

      You made me chuckle Gail. it certainly is okay to hope. Whether it will or not who knows? I’m remaining silent on that. I don’t know if I want that lesson in patience just yet. 🙂