January 2

Written by Bill Grandi on January 2nd, 2023

Welcome to 2023! That’s not the first time you have hard that I’m sure.  It is from me though! 🙂

Every new year that we hit is seen as a milestone. It is also seen as a chance to start over. To turn over a new leaf. To start with a clean slate. Whatever and however you want to say it.

But it’s also not true. We still have the past to deal with. Now…I’m a barrel of fun aren’t I?

But let’s run with the idea that it is a new leaf, slate, etc. So what? What now? Do we do the same old humdrum stuff, the same old approach to our daily life?

Let me suggest an approach toward this new year for myself and for you. Let’s stop and ask ourselves a couple of questions:

What am I pursuing?

What has captured my heart?

What am I obsessing about?

We are all going to have different answers to those questions based on our goals, ambitions, desires, and yes, loves. I know what my answer should be, ought to be. “Love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind” is the way Jesus put it.

Plainly put: Is He first? Is He my pursuit? Is He who I long for? Is He the One who has captured my heart? Is He my obsession? Does my heart long for Him?

The answer to all of them should be a simple “Yes.” The reality smacks of a different answer.

My desire for 2023 is to be able to answer a Yes to those questions. Join me won’t you?


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  1. Sherry Hoppen says:

    Great inspiration and direction for all of us Bill! Thank you and Happy New Year to you!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Thank you Sherry. So good to hear from you. I pray for a rich and full and blessed New Year for you.

      • Ryan S says:

        As you have stated, each new year brings an opportunity to reset. It is so important to have a plan, but recognize plans can change. Keeping our target and our focus on God will allow us to adjust plans but keep our focus in check.
        Welcome to 2023!

        • Bill Grandi says:

          I think that is the key Ryan. it is ok and good to have a target but to also realize God may have other plans.

  2. That should be the answer for each and every one of us, Bill.
    Happy New Year!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Agreed Martha. I hope to make it a reality this year. Thanks and Happy new Year to you also

  3. gail says:

    Great point Bill, I do want Jesus to be answer to all of those questions, but as you pointed out, I fall short many times and many days, but still I want that to be goal for me, not just 2023 but everyday I have left here.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Falling short or not, Gail, the desire to let Jesus be the answer to all of our issues is still the best way (as you state it). I, too, want to use my days left to live for Him.