January 10

Written by Bill Grandi on January 10th, 2023

This past Sunday I started a preaching series on Revelation. Last night I was discussing with some men about Jesus’ coming and how we don’t know when it is going to happen (despite some so-called prophets saying they do). Then I said, “That’s why we have the JWs. One man got the idea and pronounced that Jesus was going to come on such-and-such a date. When that didn’t happen he recalculated and made another prediction of another date. As we know that didn’t happen. But he was not to be deterred. His answer for that failure was that Jesus did come but He’s just wandering around waiting to make Himself visible.”

Say what? People aren’t smart enough to see that is a bunch of crock? Evidently not. That cult started and exists even to this day (as we know).

There is one sure way to know whether we follow someone or not. I read of a man who wanted to start his own religion but soon found it didn’t go so well. He asked someone what he should do get coverts. The man told him, “I recommend that you get yourself crucified, die, and then rise again on the third day.”

Bingo! Jesus’ death and resurrection on the third day is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. No man-whether it is Charles Taze Russell (JW), Joseph Smith (LDS), Ellen G. White (SDA), Ron Hubbard (Scientology), Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Scientist…which it is neither), Mohammed, Krishna, nor any other individual, can make the claim that Jesus can. No one else is worth following.

Only Jesus. And only Jesus went to a cross to die on our behalf, to satisfy the righteous demands of a holy God.  The cross made the difference. And only following the One who conquered death, hell, and the grave is worthy of our honor and worship. All else is a losing cause…no matter how sincere.

Whom will you choose to follow?


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  1. Ryan S. says:

    It is sad that there are so many counterfeits that try to steal what is meant for God. I know some say we all worship the same God, just with a different name. Jesus is the one that I follow. He is the only one that guarantees life. He is the only one that was willing to sacrifice His own to save me. He is the only one that will accept me as I am, with all the dirt, crud, and junk. Why would I want to look elsewhere?

    • Bill Grandi says:

      So true Ryan. All of it. it is sad so many choose counterfeits over the real thing. I’ll stake my claim with Jesus.

  2. I will follow Jesus no matter what, Bill. He is the truth, the life and the Way.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Not only will I join you on that path Martha but I have absolutely no intention of getting off.

  3. gail says:

    If you compare all of the religions and pair down what they really want into a short nutshell, it seems like for the most part they want:
    -relationship with God (for some
    a higher power a term I despise)
    -a lifestyle that sets them apart
    from the culture
    -an afterlife of rest and
    happiness and reuniting with
    lost loved ones
    Without Jesus and the Cross none of these things can happen. If you follow a religion that does not deal with sin, you cannot see why you need a Savior. Several religions only focus on heaven as a place of fun and self fulfillment. Heaven is a place of deep worship for God, finally in our lives we will truly have God first in our lives without all of our interruptions and give Him the glory,honor,praise and worship that He alone is worthy of. I will stake my claim with Jesus as my Savior, the only One whose actions and words can save me.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Your comment shows you have thought this through Gail. Thank you so much for the insight you bring to this. You short analysis of what they want is spot on.