January 2

Written by Bill Grandi on January 2nd, 2024

My blogging friend, Martha Orlando, has written a wonderful series of books called The Glade Series. I read them a number of years ago (memory escapes me on when) but I recently reread them and decided to do a review of the trilogy. You will find that review over at my other blog, Cycleguy’s Spin. You can access that review/blog here.


I’m a day late starting my new year with a devotional thought, but then again it is never too late I reckon. This past Sunday, one of our young men gave his communion thought on the phrase “New Year/New Me.” He did what was best: he brought it to the change/transformation that comes from knowing Jesus.

There is a lot of chatter at the beginning of every new year about resolutions. I had a friend text me last night saying, “I know you don’t do new year’s resolutions, but I do. More exercise, longer hair, less weight and get younger. Minor goals.” My response? “Minor? Ha. Two are possible, maybe 3. But that last one? Guess again.”

He is right. I don’t do resolutions. That’s not saying I don’t have some dreams and goals I’d like to reach. My sermon theme for 2024 is Run With the Horses. (Jeremiah 12:5) I want to do that.  But what will that entail? I’ll be working that out all year long! 🙂 But I can tell you it will require:

1. An ever-deepening love for Jesus. I long to drink at His well and be satisfied, but only to find myself wanting more.

2. An increasing respect and hunger for God’s Word. I don’t want what I will call the “Eve syndrome.” I recently read that Eve diminished God’s Word; she added to God’s Word; and she softened God’s Word. I plan to elaborate on those more in tomorrow’s devotion.

3. I want my relationship with Jesus and His Word to determine my choices and not let my choices/wants determine how I look at Jesus or interpret His Word.

All of this falls under one heading: I want to become more like Jesus by pursing Him. What about you? Do you have any overarching dreams or goals for 2024?


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  1. gail says:

    I totally agree with all three of your points. To activity be pursuing a stronger and closer relationship with Christ takes work. I must surrender everyday, read God’s word, pray and communicate with Christ. It is never Christ that pulls away from us, it always us that lets so many distractions get in our way of a Christ centered life. The first step to a deeper Christ centered life is admitting that we have a constant need for Christ to help us. To show our weakness, vulnerabilities to Christ, ask Him to help us. The great news is, our relationship with Christ will never be unrequited love, Christ love for us is so deep, He makes up for all of our weakness. My goal is to be all in for Christ, and to pursue Him the way He pursued me to Save me. I will never be 100% successful, I will still be weak in many areas, but I will never give up trying to have a Christ centered life shine through me.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      You got the point Gail. It does take work. And although we will never be 100% successful, it is good to know that God’s love never fails or stops.

  2. Worthwhile goals indeed, Bill! I’m considering the word “surrender” as my word for the year. One cannot live a full life in Christ without doing that first.
    Blessings always!

    • Bill Grandi says:

      As you figured Martha, these goals are all about surrender to the ONE who makes it worth surrendering to.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Martha’s books are absolutely wonderful! I am glad you are featuring them. She is a real gem. God bless you, Pastor Bill!