May 13

Written by Bill Grandi on May 13th, 2019

My title for today’s devotion is Revenge vs Restraint.

It is not unusual for us to put up with only so much. As people say, “I have reached my breaking point and I’ve had enough.” It could be just about anything that would do that. Pressure from work. Life situations, i.e. sickness, long-term diagnosis, another person. It is this last one that probably takes us to the edge the quickest. We might not be able to do much about life situations, a job or something else, but when it comes to a person it is easy to reach the end of our rope.

Today’s Scripture reading in I Samuel 26 could easily fall under that umbrella. Despite Saul’s promise to let David alone after David revealed he had cut the end of his robe in the cave and, therefore, had a chance to kill him (I Samuel 24), Saul reneged. When it was reported to Saul that David was hiding in the wilderness, Saul went after him again. Once again David had the opportunity to take Saul’s life. As he slept, David and Abishai snuck into camp and took his spear and water jug, but not before David had to once again push away the suggestion from someone to end Saul’s life. His words are telling: “Do not destroy him, for who can put his hand against the Lord’s anointed and be guiltless?…As the Lord lives, the Lord will strike him, or his day will come to die, or he will go down into battle and perish.” So David took the spear and water jug and then showed Saul the next day.

David had one of two responses before him-revenge or restraint. He passed the test. May I pass the test when I am confronted with the opportunity to seek revenge or to let it go. Seeking revenge never ends well-for either side. As David said, “God will take care of it.”

“Father, when confronted with an ugly situation involving a person who repeats offenses, help me not to seek revenge but to show restraint. When someone’s plan is to hurt, let me not strike out or strike back. Help me to be aware of the situation and restrain myself.”


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  1. Glynn says:

    Especially good advice for participation in social media.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      My blog is the only social media I am on but I do hear that it is often ugly out there. Thanks for the comment Glynn.

  2. Ryan S. says:

    I definitely agree with your assessment of the “person” side of this equation. It is the most trying for sure, probably because this is where emotion plays the biggest part.
    Circumstances and jobs are often faceless, but when people are involved, it gets personal. It touches and wounds deeply.

    I also agree with Glynn, especially good advice for social media… Some folks have NO FILTER when it comes to social media.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I think the emotion part touches us because it hits where we live and breathe. it is personal contact. And I also agree with Glynn. Although not on social media I can certainly read what others say about it. Thanks Ryan.

  3. Linda says:

    The desire for revenge is such a hard one to overcome. A struggle I have definitely had.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      As have I Linda. It is tough, especially when it really, really hurts and hits close to home.

  4. floyd says:

    Wow… I have a major battle with many lawyers and expert witnesses and inspectors in response to a bad man who is lies and steals from me, trying to make my life difficult because he’s a miserable person.

    My instinct is to fight and maim. Not God’s…

    This was a message from God for me in light of tomorrow.