May 14

Written by Bill Grandi on May 14th, 2019

My title for this devotion is Missing Out vs Seeing Clearly.

I have this uncanny ability to drift off in my thinking. I don’t have ADHD. I’m too settled for that. But sometimes my mind just won’t settle down. Focus. Stay put. I could be reading and suddenly my mind is somewhere else or it has drifted so much that I have no idea what I read. Sometimes I just drift off to sleep. It is frustrating. I feel like I miss out. I have to reread paragraphs or sentences or sometimes even whole pages.

It’s even worse when I do that spiritually. How many times have I missed God’s beauty? In my annoyance at rain or snow or cold or heat, I can miss God’s work. (That’s why I try not to complain about the weather any more. Besides, I can’t change it anyway). How many times have I missed examples of His power and work on a daily basis? A child’s hug. The laughter of a baby. Being called “flop-doodle” by one of the young boys much to the embarrassment of his mom.  🙂  (BTW: for the uneducated that is a word used in one of the scenes from The Greatest Showman). The simple, kind words of appreciation.

So much, so often, so clearly. Examples of a gracious God’s loving hand. But I miss it. I’m blind to His magnificence. To His awesomeness (the only time I use that word). To His gracious hand upholding me. To the radiance of His presence.

“Father, sometimes I’m blind. Sometimes I’m preoccupied with my busy schedule; work; play; problems; annoyances; things to fix; place to go, people to see; every day occurrences. Help me not to miss out on seeing You in my everyday.”


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  1. Pam says:

    If we would slow down for just a breath or two, we could soak up more of God’s goodness to us and trust more in His love.

  2. Ryan S. says:

    That is one of my issues also, just going at a pace that does not allow me to take in magnificence. Life being on 2X speed and missing the details. Missing the moments. Seeing an opportunity, but rushing by because of a schedule to keep or too many commitments I have taken on.
    I know I miss a lot that I shouldn’t be missing especially what God is wanting to do in my life in the here and now.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I know I have needed to slow down in the past and even now still find that a necessity from time to time. God can speak to us at any speed but it sure is easier to hear when it not warp. Slow down is much better.