December 25

Written by Bill Grandi on December 25th, 2019

You SHOULD NOT be reading this today! You should be with your family and friends, not on the computer.  🙂  And I know what you are thinking: “If I should not be reading this you should not be writing this.”  True that. Except for the fact I still got up early to have my Quiet Time and to get my “mind juices” flowing before starting my day.

This morning the church I pastor will be offering a hot breakfast to the community. We typically have less than on Thanksgiving, but as Jo and I talked yesterday, it is a “crap shoot” to plan on how many to expect. We will still deliver breakfast to those who have requested it, plus to the civil servants and gas station workers who have to work this morning. At this point, we have about 30 deliveries to make to individuals and the number of workers is usually in the 30 range. So my drivers (I’m in charge of deliveries) will stay busy. We have generally served close to 20-30 on a typical Christmas morning. Who knows today?

Why do we do it?  For several reasons actually. One, several years ago I was asked by the Chamber of Commerce (of which I’m a board member) if the church does anything for Christmas. The local UMC does a lunch so we certainly weren’t going to reinvent the wheel. Don’t need two churches competing over that. So we offered a breakfast. Two, it had already been on my heart to do something so I took it as confirmation we were to take this step. Three, and this is my motivation: I don’t believe anyone should spend Christmas alone. For various reasons people do. I want to give them an opportunity to not be. Some are down and out on their life situations and are alone because of loss or because they have no family left locally. NO ONE should spend Christmas alone. And four, I believe it is what Jesus would do. His famous words “When I was hungry, sick, in prison…” motivate me to reach out. Those who help, those who give up some time on Christmas morning to help, are showing that same spirit.  I’m not opposed to but am not part of the social justice crowd. I prefer to do it one person at a time.

So very soon I will be heading off to the Lion’s Club where we offer the breakfast. It is right in the heart of the town and can be easily accessed by walking.  If you happen to be reading this, I would appreciate your prayers for safety for my drivers and for someone to not feel so alone this Christmas.

And I pray God’s blessing on your day of celebration of the birth of our Savior.


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  1. I agree, Bill, that no one should be alone at Christmas. What you are doing today for folks in your community is exactly what Jesus would do. May God bless all of you as you go about your tasks today.
    Christmas blessings!

  2. floyd says:

    We did our big celebration last night.

    Merry Christmas. And thanks for being the heart and hands of our Savior.

    Praying for you and yours.

  3. Ryan S. says:

    Bill, thanks for being an outreach to the community. Thanks for leading the charge. The good news is that the very meaning of Christmas insures that we have the option to never be alone… but sometimes we just need led to the one who is always with us… As the Church, we should be the hands and feet of Christ reaching out to those who may feel like they are alone.
    I hope your breakfast was a blessing to many in the community. I am sure those who received the gift were appreciative and experienced the love of Christ through your actions.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I feel humbled that God has allowed us to be able to reach out to the community. I just want to make sure we never become navel-gazers but always look beyond our walls. Thanks for the kind words Ryan.