January 9

Written by Bill Grandi on January 9th, 2020

My title for this devotion is Believing vs BELIEVING.

I am a conundrum. I am a puzzle. I am an enigma. I am a mystery.  I am a mixed bag. Maybe an example would help.

Peter. Not Peter Rabbit. Not Peter Pan. No. Peter the guy in the Bible who became the spokesman for the rest. There was a guy who was a conundrum!

  • Question: “Who do people say I am?” “Who do you say I am?”
  • Answer: “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”
  • Statement: “Blessed are you Simon…”
  • Jesus’ statement: “The Son of Man will be delivered to be crucified and raised on the third day.”
  • Peter’s response: “Not so.”  Actually, it says, “No. Lord!” (Can those two words actually go together?)
  • Jesus’ statement: “Get behind me, Satan.”

To go from “Blessed” to being called “Satan.” Ouch!  But that is not the only place. Jesus makes a statement later about Peter being sifted like wheat. Peter says, “I will follow you anywhere. I would die for you.” Not much later he is denying that he is a disciple of Jesus. To a servant girl. To one who recognizes his Galilean accent. Not very threatening people when you think about it. Not soldiers. Not a religious leader with power. Just common folk.

That’s me. I say, “God is in control and has a plan.” I tell people that! I did just yesterday. Then I turn right around and do my own thing, go my own way. Or worse: I question His plan. I say I believe, but do I really BELIEVE? That’s why I’m a conundrum. Saying one thing; saying and BELIEVING is another.

How about you? Are you a conundrum?

“Father, only you can solve this puzzle called “me.” Only You understand me.  Help me to do more than just say. Help me to truly BELIEVE.”



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  1. Ryan S says:

    Conundrum perhaps… or maybe… BELIEVING vs Not wanting to Believe.
    Some days are like that… I struggle with wanting to. Maybe not believe, but struggle with wanting to go my own way… do my own thing.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Correct Ryan. Some days, some periods are like that. The struggle for me is your latter point: go my own way and do my own thing.

  2. Oh, my, yes, Bill! I can certainly have my conundrum days when I say I believe, but do I really? It’s at those times that I truly need to submit to and trust in God.

  3. Ed says:

    Yes, I am most definitely a problem child… but God is still working on me!

  4. Oh, yeah…conundrum…good word for us, Bill. Sometimes I’m gasp at my own self. I certainly can’t figure me out. Yet I spend time trying to figure others out. sigh…but, our God understands us…that’s the amazing part of Life. He understands and loves us anyhow….phew….

  5. floyd says:

    That’s a good word to describe the fallen and struggling flesh. We want to do and be the people God designed us to be before the fall, but we will always fall short.

    There’s honor in the striving, brother. I appreciate yours.