February 13

Written by Bill Grandi on February 13th, 2020

My title for this devotion is Slave vs Free.

For some odd reason I woke up this morning thinking-of all things-about the commercials that play on TV around Christmas time. Weird I know. There is one about neglected pets and for $19/month you can…I can’t even remember the initials of the organization. The person doing the voiceover sounds like she has just come from 5 funerals (‘course that is what they want). I’m cynical though. “Save the animals but kill the babies.” Sorry. No can do, so no money to you. There there are those which choke me up. St. Jude and kids with cancer. Those wipe me out.

Here’s a thought: why are we not seeing commercials about girls, boys, children, women, men caught in sex trafficking? Why are we not seeing those, who like Rachel Hollander, are being sexually abused by “trusted” adults? Why not more commercials on those who are slaves (addicted) to alcohol, gambling (and hurt the online betting on sports?), opioids, and porn (a multi-million dollar industry)?

Slavery to any evil is ugly. I know of pets who have been rescued and then adopted who never get out of their “cage.” They forever cringe. They forever snarl. They are forever aggressive. They have separation anxiety. They forever act like they are still in the cage.

People in slavery is worse than any animal. Who can they trust? The military vet with PTSD? The abused child? The one caught in a web of deceit and lies that hold him/her down? I can go on and on. I’m listening to a podcast right now (Hole in My Heart-Episode 110) of a woman who was groomed at 18 and a slave until she broke out at 26. Heart-wrenching.  Convicting.

One of my favorite songs we sing is “No Longer Slaves.” It is also the favorite song of one our ladies. I know why. My heart reaches out to those who are still enslaved and chained to their past and even their present.

My ending will be different this morning. A short prayer then a video. “Father, You promised freedom. Set me free from my chains, from those things which enslave me. I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.”

The video.


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  1. Meekly Seeking says:

    WOW… God was preparing my heart to read this. Guess what song was playing through my mind as I opened the email, then scrolled to begin reading? Yup… Same song. It’s been in my mind all morning in fact.

    I’m addicted to PureFlix. There are videos on PureFlix based on this topic. I appreciate that they have done the difficult thing and addressed this monstrous act of sin and how victims are affected.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      MS: Thank you so much for affirming my thoughts for today. I’d suggest, if you can, to listen to Hole in my Heart podcast (Laurie Krieg) for a good story on freedom from sex trafficking. That is what started this whole thing I believe.

  2. Crystal says:

    Amen! And I am right with you on the frustration about all the “hoopla” about saving animals and very few mention the autrocities in our world that people need rescued from – abortion, euthenasia, sex trafficking, the genocide in the Congo and the list goes on… 😢 thank you for speaking on this topic that is rarely even mentioned! God bless your week. Miss you all but totally soaking up the Arizona sunshine 🌞

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Thanks Crystal. it is bothersome of the lack of attention given to real issues of importance. As for the AZ sunshine: can you see my tongue sticking out at you?

  3. Great post, Bill! I love this song. I sing it in the shower, in the car, etc. And I weep for those still enslaved. Oh, for them to know the Love that will set them free!

  4. You pose some serious questions here, Bill. Yes, why don’t we see/hear more about the evils of sex-trafficking, child abuse and neglect, abortion and other addictions/sins?
    May God convict our hearts to do more about this.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      My guess is we aren’t seeing more Martha because it is not PC. Then, of course, we would have those crying about helping faith-based missions (meanwhile they do nothing). Thanks for the comment.

  5. Ed says:

    I usually turn off the TV when there is nothing worth watching.. which these days is almost everything. TV isn’t reality. The Truth is out there!

  6. Ryan S. says:

    I too am in agreement regarding where our efforts, where are resources, where our time should go…
    For me, I think its time to put up or shut up. Too often I complain about what is or is not being done, but often do very little to engage beyond the complaining. Great post today Bill, thanks for putting it out here.