September 24

Written by Bill Grandi on September 24th, 2020

It is good to be self-confident. It is good to have self-confidence. It is not good to be too self-confident. It is not good to have too much self-confidence. Seriously, it isn’t bad to have self-confidence. We have to believe we can do something or we won’t. I was speaking with one of our teenagers the other day. She has developed into a pretty good golfer and as a senior will graduate with a high GPA (Valedictorian I think…or close to it) and is one of the finalists for what is called the Lilly Scholarship. (We actually have two young ladies who are finalists). This young lady was playing in the Regional golf tournament this week (Monday) and said, “I hope I do well, but I’m not sure.” I stopped her right there and pointed to her head and said, “Whoa! It’s all right there.” {Note: she had one bad hole and came in fourth}.

I was thinking of self-confidence when I read I Cor. 10:12- “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.”  As a young pastor, and like many who are young, there was an air of invincibility surrounding me. “I will never do that” was said more than I care to admit. Can you hear the splat or the kerplunk as I do a face plant? I forgot the basic truth of this verse. I repeat what I said at the beginning: It is good to be self-confident; it is not good to be too self-confident. It is called arrogance, pride. It is also called “look out below!”

“Father, you have had to teach me humility big time, especially when I had the audacity to think I was invincible. Help me, in my old age, not to forget.”

{Note: Jo and I left for Ohio yesterday  to visit Janna and watch our grandson play football, even though we will have to watch outside the fence.  They are only allowing 2 people for each player inside the stadium. So I’m not sure I will post here tomorrow. I am not planning on taking my computer.}


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  1. Good Morning, Bill. There is such a fine line between the two. Abba, help me to stay on the right side of that line. Enjoy your time away and your grandson’s game! Safe traveling.

  2. There is a delicate balance between being self-confident and overly self-confident. May God help us to keep that in check, lest we fall and fall hard.
    Have a great trip, Bill, and have fun with your grandson!

  3. Ed says:

    This reminds me of the time, I think around my mid 30s, when I decided to take up rollerblading.
    I had never even roller skated before, although I did try ice skating.
    I fell a couple of times of course, thank God I had on all the protective gear. But even tually I got good enough at it to endure for a bit. Unfortunately at 200+ lbs, I couldn’t continue to put the blades on, as the design of the bar on the bottom of the foot was too painful. But I did have fun!