January 25

Written by Bill Grandi on January 25th, 2021

It is easy to feel (what word am I looking for?) less or inferior. Read the Bible and one reads stories of men and women who display magnificent faith and trust in God. Abraham. Jeremiah. Isaiah. Samson. Elijah. Peter. Paul. And we feel less than. Maybe inferior is the right word. We read Hebrews 11 and see theses giants. We even call that passage God’s Hall of Faith. But take a closer look at some of those people.

  • Abraham. Twice he tried to pass Sarah, his wife, off as his sister. (If I tried to do that? Oh boy). Ran ahead of God and gave into Sarah’s “push” with Hagar to have a child.
  • Samson. God’s chosen leader was more interested in lust than leadership. In the end God used him to bring down the temple and defeat the Philistines.
  • Elijah. He defeated the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel then runs from Jezebel and wallows in self-pity wishing he was dead. 
  • Peter. So afraid he denies Jesus three times. A few months later he is standing before the Jewish leaders saying he wouldn’t back down and stop preaching and wouldn’t shut up.
  • Paul. Murderer. Hater of Christians. Converted and he becomes the greatest missionary ever.

God takes us as weak and frail as we are and uses us. He infuses the weak, powerless people with His supernatural Power. That’s me. That’s you.  Will you make yourself available to Him?

“Father, replace my weakness with your power. I am not inferior because You don’t see that. You see a vessel You want to use.”


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  1. Ryan S says:

    It isn’t hard to find the imperfection of man when looking at those God chose to use in the history described in the Bible. Kinda like God wanted real-world examples for us to recognize. Then He brings Jesus on the scene… How can I ever live up to that?
    His response, YOU CAN’T… At least not by myself.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      Great comment Ryan! Real world examples…I like that phrase. And yes, Jesus outshines them all.

  2. I love that God has chosen the imperfect, not-enough people and made them powerful through Him and Him alone. Great reminder, Bill, that we may be ordinary folks, but God can work extraordinary things through us.

    • Bill Grandi says:

      I’m glad He has also Martha. It included me. And yes, He can do extraordinary things through anyone willing to be used.