March 26

Written by Bill Grandi on March 26th, 2021

If there is one word which has reached epic proportions today in weight it is “tolerance.” Although most often not in a good way. I have said over and over: “Those who want and preach tolerance become the most intolerant of all when you disagree with them.”

Today, intolerance has become the worst sin in the world’s eyes and tolerance the highest good (if and only if you agree with them). To be principled or to have informed moral convictions is to be declared intolerant, out of touch, and above all, mean-spirited. Those who are “tolerant,” those who will tolerate anything and everything, take the high moral ground. And please! Don’t disagree with them! You become an intolerant bigot.

In the OT there is a great story and a great illustration to this whole mess. It is in Numbers 25.  Thanks to Balaam’s word to Balak, the people of Israel began to intermingle and intermarry with the Midianite women. This resulted in the acceptance of and worship of foreign gods, particularly Baal. One incident stands out.  God is extremely angry and Moses is confronting the people and many of them are in repenting of their sin. Zimri comes into the midst of the people repenting and takes a foreign women into the tabernacle and lays with her.

The scene is shocking to say the least. But when Phinehas, a grandson of Aaron sees what is happening, he goes into the tabernacle, and filled with the Holy Spirit and holy outrage, kills them both with a spear through their belly. J.B. Phillips once said, “It’s not for nothing that the Spirit God has given to us is called the Holy Spirit.

If that happened today, there would be outrage. It wouldn’t be holy and it wouldn’t be for God’s cause. People would be outraged that Phinehas stood up for a righteous and holy God. He would have been cancelled or black-balled or bullied (or all three) because he dared to take a stand for what he believed to be right. I’d say it is time for the church- pastors, leaders, and individuals- to stand up for the truth and righteousness. To be called “intolerant” just very well might a badge of honor worth wearing.

“Father, like Phinehas help me to take a stand for the righteous and holy God You are. Help me not be concerned about  the consequences but to be willing to stand for You.”


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  1. Ryan S. says:

    While I understand the point of your post Bill… taking a stand for a righteous and Holy God, I must say that some of the old testament books do leave me a bit shocked. Obviously a different time, a different people group, and thankfully a different set of rules…

    I am thankful that we live in a time of grace now. A time when sin does occur, it typically isn’t punishable by immediate death.

    However, with grace, comes the alternative.

    Back then, their was an intolerance.
    An intolerance to anything unholy.

    Today there is an intolerance the other direction, an intolerance to anything Holy…

    Marriage, Purity, Absolute Truth, Sanctity of Life.

    Why so much the difference between the OT and now? I see it as God first provided an option by following rules. You have to obey EVERY rule, or you will fall short of perfection. When the nation of Israel fail short of that perfection, God provided plan A… (note I said plan A and not plan B)… This was God’s plan all along, but needed to prove to the people that plan B would not work.

    So plan A… The Cross, Jesus, He would take the penalty, the death sentence, for the world (past-present-future) and allow all who accept the gift to be free from the eternal penalty – eternal death.

    So what is the right response today?
    Jesus pointed it out… Live a life that points people to Him.
    That doesn’t mean compromising how we live. That doesn’t mean belittling others for how they live. But it does mean taking a stand and POINTING others to Christ…

    –But even that is not tolerated in many circles.

    Sorry for the long comment… just couldn’t stop this morning.

  2. Amen, Bill! Let us never be afraid to stand up for God and stand on His principles, no matter what the consequences.